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Quidco is the smart, simple and
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Helping you earn on every purchase

Our free service helps over 4.0 million Brits get the value they deserve on every purchase they make.

How do we do it? It's actually pretty simple. Every time you shop at any of our 4,000 retailers we receive a commission for generating a sale. As a reward for using our service, we pass this commission back to you, in the form of "cashback".

Brows, shop, get paid

Browse, shop, get paid

Simply browse the offers available at our retailers or, if you know what you're after, search for a specific product. When you want to redeem an offer, just click through to the retailer via our link and complete your purchase.

Our clever system then tracks your visit and once the retailer has confirmed a sale, we put the cashback in your account.

You could earn hundreds every year

Just one extra click

over £890

Since my fiancée told me about Quidco in 2008 we've earned a whopping £894. It's amazing to think that all this has come from just one extra click of a mouse. The best feeling is when you see the cashback appear in your bank account. Quidco is as close to free money as you are ever going to get without risking a custodial sentence!
Lee Davis, Wolverhampton

over £1300

I wax lyrical about Quidco

I've been a member of Quidco for over two years and do my best to buy everything through it! I've purchased insurance for cars, home and travel, holidays, large and small electrical appliances, mobile phones and contracts, tools, flowers and numerous other things. I wax lyrical to all my friends and relatives about Quidco. I wont make any purchase without checking Quidco first, it's little wonder I've already earned over £1300 so far.
Dave Rock, Dundee

over £300

Extremely easy to use

I love Quidco! I joined just over six months ago and have earned over £300 already. The site is extremely easy to use and has a brilliant tracking facility so you know just where you are with your rewards. The set-up is not only professional but also easy to understand and I can already see myself being a member for years to come. Here's to reaching my £500 target in the near future!
Anna Jagric, London

…at all your favourite retailers

How do we make money?

Naturally we're very proud that we're able to pass the commission we earn from our retailers back to our members in the form of cashback. Of course, we still need to pay the bills, so we have a two-tier membership that ensures our service remains self-sustaining.

Our basic membership is completely free to use and is funded by sponsored advertising paid for by our retail partners. We also offer a higher tier of membership, Quidco Premium, which in exchange for £5 of your annual cashback earnings, includes additional features:

  • Faster Paying Retailers
  • Premium Quidco Support
  • No sponsored advertising
  • Bespoke promotions & loyalty bonuses

Learn more about Quidco Premium...

Earn more with PayPal

You can earn cashback bonuses when you shop at selected retailers using PayPal. Get paid your cashback via PayPal and earn an additional payout bonus. What's more, sign in to Quidco using your PayPal login details, and you don't even have to sign in at partner retailer sites.

Need to know more

  • It sounds too good to be true, are there any hidden costs?
    As you might expect, you’re not the first person to question how we operate a viable business model by paying people to shop.

    Let’s set your mind at rest. First we can guarantee there are no hidden costs associated with signing up to Quidco.

    To pay the bills, we operate a two-tier membership. Our basic membership is completely free to use and is funded by sponsored advertising paid for by our retailers. We also offer a higher tier of membership, Quidco Premium, which includes extra features in exchange for £5 of your annual cashback earnings. During the sign-up process you’ll be offered the opportunity to choose which membership you want.
  • Can I browse offers before I sign up?
    Certainly, in fact we actively encourage a good browse. With over 4,000 retailers to choose from across a broad range of popular categories we’re certain you’ll find an offer or two that’ll take your fancy.

    You can check out our hottest offers and all our various categories via the browse button. Alternatively, if you already know where you want to shop or what you want to buy simply type the name of the retailer or product in the search bar at the top of the page or visit the browse page.
  • Is it safe and secure?
    Yes. To ensure your personal information is secure, Quidco uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128-bit encryption, which guarantees maximum security.

    As further evidence of our credentials we were voted the UK’s best cashback site at the 2012 and 2013 Consumer Moneyfacts awards, our quality of customer service is recognised by Customer First and our Quidco Compare service is regulated and authorised by the FCA, a statutory body set up under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA).
  • How much money can I earn?
    There are no limits. Your cashback earning possibilities are endless. It goes without saying that the more you spend the more you can earn. On average our active members earn £280 each per year.
  • How do I get paid my cashback?
    Once you’ve made a purchase we’ll track the amount of cashback you’re due and send a confirmation email. It will also show as 'Tracked' on your personalised homepage. Once the retailer confirms your purchase, your cashback will be paid into your Quidco account. As the money flows in, you can transfer it to your bank account, PayPal account or have it paid as an Gift Certificate. Payments are either made automatically on a weekly basis, or alternatively on request.
  • What is in-store cashback?
    As well as earning Quidco cashback when you shop online you can also earn cashback with some of our retailers when you buy in-store on the High Street. To do so, simply register your debit and credit cards with Quidco – we just need the long number on the front – and when you use your registered card to pay at the till we automatically track any cashback you’re owed.

    Learn more about In-store cashback.
  • Can I save on my supermarket shopping?
    Yes. Our feature, ClickSnap, has dozens of offers every week helping you earn cashback on a broad range of everyday grocery essentials. All Quidco members can use ClickSnap to make purchases at their preferred supermarket both online and in-store.

    Learn more about ClickSnap.

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