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for activating and spending on an AA Rewards Credit Card

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Estimated payment date

04 September

(if you purchase today)

Tracking speed

Less than 6 hours

(from purchase)

100% tracked within 6 hours

Tracking reliability

88.2% tracked

Cashback claim payment speed

Less than 4 months

(from submission date)

100% paid between 90 to 180 days

  • Cashback is not available for Rewards Plus cards.
  • Customers must spend on their new AA Credit Card to be eligible for cashback
  • In order to receive your cashback you must click through to The AA via Quidco and make your purchase without interruptions in your journey.
  • You will only be awarded cashback on AA Credit Cards if bought through the link on this page. Cashback will be rejected on other products bought through this link.
  • When applying for an AA credit card your transaction will either go straight to accepted or to referred (referred is a pending state for 45 days). If referred, your application will be looked into by the AA and either accepted or declined.
  • Unfortunately, if you are referred, the cashback cannot be tracked and therefore, regardless of whether your application was accepted or declined, your cashback will be declined.
  • Members should only use voucher codes listed on Quidco. If you use voucher codes or gift vouchers that are not listed on Quidco your cashback may not track or be declined.


Get Reward points every time you spend including double points on fuel (Terms and conditions)


- This offer/voucher code was correct at the time of publishing
- It is important that you check your order summary before purchasing
- In the event that the offer/voucher code does not work please refer to our help pages
- Discount cannot be applied to your order after you have made your purchase
- The retailer reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time

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1 2 3 4 5 10 months ago
 Pricing and cashback
 Product or service
 Cashback payment
 Delivery and packaging
Apparently, no transaction / record of opening credit card account can be found. Strange that they can find it to send me a bill & take DD payments then isn't it. quite simply gaining business by deception. the promise of cashback was the distinguishing factor between this card and many others, AA got the business on that basis & then reject. Disgraceful. no further transaction will be mad eon the card, and once paid off it will be cancelled. Equally, The AA will not be considered for any future business, incl breakdown. screw me over once, you've lost a customer for life.
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Good Card, no cashback!!

1 2 3 4 5 15 months ago
 Pricing and cashback
 Product or service
 Cashback payment
 Delivery and packaging
The AA credit card itself has some good 0% offers and a lower APR than some with loyalty points. HOWEVER, I applied back in December, my cashback never appeared and when I tried to claim it AA declined it on the basis the 'reference had been used before'. It hadn't (not by me anyway!). Long story short - good card, but don't bother if you want the cashback!!
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Second worst payer in the world (possibly?)

1 2 3 4 5 15 months ago
 Cashback tracking
 Pricing and cashback
 Product or service
 Cashback payment
 Delivery and packaging
I have only had one previous payer worse than this (but cannot name them because my review will be blocked by Quidco). Having watched the AA credit card purchase track with the promise of imminent payment... for several years, I thought I would see if they could be jollied into paying out as per the "contract". Brilliant Quidco chased them and retrieved my payment - thank you so much! Needless to say, given the very long delay, I quite quickly cut up my AA credit card and used another providers - customer loyalty depends on how the customer is treated so now the other provider benefits.
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