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How to stretch your budget when buying make-up


We all lust over must-have luxury beauty products, but sometimes our bank balance doesn't stretch to allow for such expensive tastes. That's not to say you can't treat your skin properly when you're on a budget. Here's a few of our favourite cost-friendly make-up tips... 3-for-2 Keep your eyes peeled for 3-for-2 offers when you're on the High Street. These… read more »

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The Quidco £5 Breakfast Challenge


We challenged chef and food consultant, Sally Godfrey, to come up with a cheap and cheerful breakfast recipe to suit everyone from hungover students to courting couples. Easy you say? Well here’s the catch, it had to be for two people and the ingredients had to cost less than £5 in total. Here’s how Sally fared… __ This is a… read more »

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Auditing your life will get your finances back on track


There was a time when my partner and I lived pay cheque to pay cheque. The money came in, the bills came out. We didn’t really know where we stood and each month we would end up in the red. This happened month after month after month. Finally we hit rock bottom. After going into the red one to many… read more »

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What’s the big deal with Apple’s new iPhones?


“Bigger than Bigger” said the giant screen behind Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, as he launched the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at his annual key note speech. Quidblog doesn’t really know for sure what that means, but we’re going to hazard a guess at the fact both handsets are ‘bigger’ than Apple’s current incumbents. Is this a good… read more »

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6 must-read money saving tips for parents-to-be

Money saving tips for parents to be

Having a baby, whether you’re financially stable or not, always pulls on the purse strings. The little things are cute, but costly! If you’re finding that funds are a little tight, keep reading as I’ve lots of budget-stretching tips to help make your money go further. Email newsletters Signing up to email newsletters is a great way to discover new… read more »

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6 must remember tips to help you save on your supermarket shop


I don’t know about you, but after I’ve paid the rent and the bills, groceries are the next big drain on my wallet, so it’s really important for me to save money on my weekly shop if I can. The thing is, I love cooking and eating, so I don’t want to compromise on quality, freshness or taste. Instead of… read more »


How to survive the ‘back to school’ pinch


Ricky Willis (aka @SkintDadUK) kick starts the first in a new series of posts by guest bloggers...enjoy! __ Another academic year starts and with it comes the back to school pinch. You know what I mean by that don’t you? Well for me the back to school pinch is all of those extra spends that haven’t occurred over the summer… read more »

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Confessions of a cashback bride

wedding day, bride and groom models

Okay, I’ll admit it...I’m not your typical bride. Faced with friends and family making suggestions on everything from photo shoots to wedding favours, my first inclination is to ask, “Do we need it?” and “Can it be cheaper?” As you might have guessed, I’m not eager to find myself climbing a mountain of debt for the sake of one (albeit… read more »