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We’ve spruced up your ‘Activity’ page

You may have noticed that we’ve made improvements to our Activity page. We’d like to give you a guided tour around what’s new, and give you a feel for the new look. Keep reading to learn more... More info Each transaction now has a ‘more info’ button. Click on this to see the exact status of your transaction. Status updates… read more »

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4 ways to save on your big night out

Cinema Night out

We all like a good night out don’t we? There’s nothing better than putting your glad rags on and painting the town red. Whether it’s a meal at a restaurant with the wife, catching a film at the cinema with the kids, or going to a concert with your mates; there’s no end of places to keep you entertained. Thing… read more »

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4 ways to break bad financial habits

Make a budget 2015

Do you ever find yourself short of cash at the end of the month? How about feeling flush on pay day then finding you have only enough to pay the bills and just get by until you get paid again? In allowing yourself to develop bad financial habits you’re more likely to get in and stay in debt, however, by… read more »

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5 tips and tricks to grab the best bargains on eBay

ebay logo 608

Whether you’re looking for a toy from your childhood, a spare tile to replace the cracked one in the kitchen, or even a new motor; eBay will more than likely have it and a whole lot more. For the average eBayer, the process of buying something is straightforward. They hop onto the site, search for the item they want, bid… read more »


Quidco needs you! Apply to be our new DEAL ANALYST


Are you the best deal-hunter in town? The type of guy or gal who scours the net for the best bargains and can’t wait to share them with others? Yes? Well, now’s the time to step up to the plate… Quidco is looking for a new Deal Analyst, someone who’ll share our passion for a bargain day in, day out.… read more »


5 ways you can save money with a new baby

Baby Photo 608

If you’re thinking about having a baby or perhaps you’ve just become a new parent, one of the main things you will worry about (apart from the lack of sleep) is how you are going to afford your little bundle of joy. With the average cost of having a baby amounting to almost £4,000 in the first year of their… read more »


8 simple ways to reduce your energy bills in the kitchen

Kitchen Save Money

If you want to save money in the kitchen one of the first things that jumps to mind is cutting back on the amount of money you spend in the supermarket. However, if you want to take things one step further it's worth exploring ways of reducing your energy usage in the kitchen. Don’t overfill the kettle Any time you… read more »


Win a Hibba Toys ‘Ride On & Rocking Dog’ with Loubilou


This competition is now closed To celebrate the arrival of Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Quidco have joined forces with Loubilou to offer you the chance to win a stunning 'Wooden Ride On and Rocking Dog' (RRP £125) from Hibba Toys. Loubilou is an online marketplace for one-of-a-kind children’s toys and handcrafted clothes and accessories while Hibba Toys… read more »


Win an iPad Mini with Sky Movies


Attention all Marvel Comic fanatics...this April is the perfect time to upgrade to Sky Movies! Not only are Quidco offering existing Sky customers an exclusive £30 cashback on Sky Movies upgrades, including 6 months of your subscription at half price, there's also the chance to catch the UK TV premiere of X Men: Days of Future Past. Superheroes not your… read more »