5 simple ways to keep the romance burning & win £500 with match.com


Your New Year diet is starting to pay dividends and your wardrobe has been spruced up in the sales, but does your relationship need a New Year revamp as well? Even though your bank manager is giving you a disparaging look you can still boost your love life with these wallet-friendly tips.

Save the date

The best way to make your partner feel valued is to put them first. Plan your time together and you’ll not only make a big impact you’ll also save yourself a packet. Rather than picking a restaurant off the cuff, with a little research you could find a fancy alternative that's on a deal. Booking in advance online usually means discounts whether you’re heading to the cinema or something a little more exotic like the ballet or opera. For the cherry on top make sure you’re looking your best for your partner before you hit the town.

Say no to the mundane

Does your average weekday evening involve watching your partner slob on the sofa while you’re tapping away on the laptop? Sure that’s fine once in a while, but with a little imagination you can turn nights in into quality time together. Make an effort to lay the table for dinner rather than eating in front of the TV, invest in a better bottle of wine and snuggle together in front of a film you both like rather than the football. At a very busy time of year having your partner all to yourself should be special, so make the effort.

Get physical

It’s probably not advisable if you’re unfit and your partner is a marathon runner, but for everybody else there’s much fun to be had in exercising as a couple. Whether it means spotting each other in the gym or going for a jog in the local park  spending time together while getting fit is the perfect definition of killing two birds with one stone. It’s probably best to stay away from boxingclasses if you’ve had a disagreement, but aside from that there are benefits galore.

Intimacy matters

If you’re feeling a little stiff after all that exercise, what could be better than treating your partner to a relaxing massage? If you’re not sure what you’re doing you can always find instructional videos on the web or tips in magazines and books. Christmas gift packs are always great for lotions to tickle the senses, or you could just hit the bath together with a few aromatherapy oils.

Adventures ahoy!

Having something to look forward to isn’t just good for a relationship it’s also good from a purely selfish point of view. During the grey of January  why not organise a holiday, schedule summer festival weekends or book tickets to gigs, the theatre or sporting events that you both want to see. Planning ahead is not only a commitment to your relationship and your partner there’s also the added bonus of making big money savings when booking big adventures far in advance.


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