5 tips to help you save on your home insurance

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As some of our more regular readers have probably recognised, we’re not into the hard sell at Quidblog.

It's not that we're lazy (OK...sometimes we are), it’s just we’re not inclined to waste energy jumping up and down and pointing excited fingers at the great deals on Quidco when you already know how delicious they are.

That being said we would like to calmly direct your eyes to the new additions to Quidco Compare. For a long time we’ve offered our members a car insurance comparison tool, but now we’re casually throwing travel and home insurance into the mix as well.

Oh, and of course, you can earn cashback on all your purchases using the service as well…although you most likely knew that already!

As an added bonus, if you are on the hunt for a new home insurance deal or just want to make best use of your current deal, we’ve got a few handy hints…

Install a burglar alarm

Insurance companies love to know your house is as secure as possible. If you prove to them you’re going the extra mile to make life hard for pesky intruders there’s a decent chance you’ll be rewarded with a cheaper deal. Be sure to have a burglar alarm installed by the National Approval Council for Security Systems, and check any stipulations that it must be monitored or maintained. Make sure you activate it when your home is empty, though, or your cover may be invalidated.

Be honest

When an insurance company asks you detailed questions before giving a quote, you’re advised not to tell any porkies. After all if you do need to make a claim and they’re able to prove you weren’t telling the truth they are well within their rights to hold off from paying out.

Read the small print

Reading the small print is dull, but it's important to do this because policies vary widely in things like the level of excess and how items are replaced. Check the policies you're considering against your existing one to see how they compare.

Resist temptation to make small claims

If you’re lucky enough to not have made a claim on your insurance for several years, your no-claims discount could equate to a huge proportion off your premium. However, just a couple of small claims could completely wipe out that discount. If you’re tempted to make a claim after an accident in the home, it may actually save you more money in the long-term not to claim on your insurance. 

Pay upfront

While ‘pay monthly’ options may look an attractive means of spreading the cost of your home insurance, they could actually end up costing you more.  Insurers actually just loan the annual cost and then charge high rates on top. It’s best to pay the full amount upfront, or if you can’t afford the whole sum, use a credit card with a lower APR rate.