Get cashback on your groceries with new service ClickSnap!


Today, after months of testing, Quidco is proud to announce the formal launch of ClickSnap; a brand new service that promises to help savvy shoppers get paid more cashback than ever on their everyday groceries.

Featuring a wide range of offers on well-loved household brands ClickSnap, which is free to use for all Quidco members, promises to put more pounds in your pocket whether you do your supermarket shopping online or in-store.

Here’s how it works…


Visit the ClickSnap page and browse all the latest deals. The range of products on offer is huge with the likes of Mr Kipling, Coca-Cola, Bulmers, Fosters’s, Weetabix, Hovis, Dove and Dettol just a few of the big brand names that regularly feature.


To maximise your cashback earning potential you can take advantage of each offer up to three times.  If you like what you see there are two ways to redeem the deals.


If you do most of your grocery shopping online you’ll be pleased to hear that the likes of Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Asda and Ocado are all featured on ClickSnap.


Simply share your account details with us, click through to your favoured retailer, buy the featured products and we’ll automatically check your digital receipt for redeemed offers.


Alternatively, if you prefer to shop in-store at your local supermarket you can still redeem the deals. Just buy the products as normal and snap a picture of the receipt. You can do this using a digital camera, your mobile phone or even a scanner.


Once you’ve done that you upload the receipt to ClickSnap (we’ve an easy-to-follow guide if you’re not sure how) and then we’ll check to see which offers you redeemed.

Get Paid

ClickSnap automatically reviews your online order and/ or uploaded receipts then we pay you your cashback.

As spokesman Paul Lees outlines, we've got big plans for ClickSnap in 2013 and are certain the service will go from strength to strength.

“We have been working on the development of this service for some time now and are delighted to be rolling it out to all UK shoppers. Feedback from the test groups has been extremely positive and from today, everyone will now be able to receive cashback on their everyday shop.

“ClickSnap is a very exciting product, with huge potential for growth. We are committed to providing shoppers a wide range of great value offers and we will continue to add more with the launch of each new cycle of deals.”