Hand luggage essentials for a European Stag Weekend


Travelling to foreign countries doesn’t always require a suitcase. If you’re smart with your packing you can get away with just hand luggage, which is fantastic as you’ll avoid those long waits at the baggage reclaim and those lofty hold baggage charges that certain airlines sting you with. Here is everything you’ll need for a weekend away in one of Europe’s many enchanting cities. Whether you are heading to Prague for a weekend of sightseeing, visiting family or friends, or even venturing further afield on the continent, this guide will ensure that you pack all the essentials and avoid those pesky luggage fees.

A bag

First you’ll need a decent backpack! I managed to fit everything I needed for a weekend in Valencia into a standard Eastpak backpack, so if you pack light and pack well you won’t need too big a bag. The first thing you should pack is your passport!


A mobile phone is an essential when anyone leaves the house these days. Even if you’re popping to the shop you’ll take your phone, just in case something should happen or you want to take a photo of some clouds. If you’ve got a smartphone this can be a real time and life saver, just make sure you know what the deal is in regards to data roaming and using your phone for data abroad.


Don’t forget to change those pounds into Euros for your trip; you can shop around to get the best deal possible. It’s up to you if you take cold, hard cash or the safer travellers’ cheques. You could even risk just using your card for everything but many banks will charge a small fee each time you use your card in a foreign country. The same goes for cash withdrawals.

Map or city guide and translation book

These items are a necessity when visiting a new foreign city, and can help you out should you get lost or need to ask a local for some help. Although you can get all of these items as stand-alone apps for most smartphones, data roaming charges and the uncertainty of having network coverage means you should definitely invest in hard copies of these bits.

Deck of cards

The humble deck of cards has been a boredom breaker for many years now, and even in the digital age they’re still around. Useful for any number of people, and can of course be used in many different ways; drinking games for the stags, thinking games for the businessmen, and everything in between.

MP3 player, tablet or handheld games console

Use them how you wish, listen music to zone out on the plane, play games to pass the time when a flight is delayed, work on that important presentation or reply to email, the amount of gadgets available now allows us to do practically anything we want, anywhere we want.


Another essential, but you may need to cut down on your usual regime to save space. I’d suggest deodorant, aftershave, and toothpaste. Most hotels have complimentary shower gel and face wash / soap, but if you must bring your own head to a popular toiletries store and pick up some travel-sized versions of the bits you need.


Pre-plan what clothes you need, and always, always, ALWAYS pack an extra pair of underwear. You never know when you might need some.


Remember to pack the chargers for any electrical items you take, and you’ll also need an EU adaptor plug. Be sure to buy one of these before you get to the airport, else you’ll end up paying a pretty penny.

That is pretty much all you really need for a weekend away, so now you know!

Lee is The Stag Company’s Web Content Editor, and has successfully managed to visit many a European city for the weekend with just his trusty Eastpak backpack and a plane ticket.