It’s a doll’s life! Christmas travel voucher giveaway

Holiday Hypermarket Goa

Christmas is fast approaching, and for those who delayed their holidays for one reason or the other (perhaps you hung around for the Jubilee, Olympics or the Paralympics?) the chilly British winter can be especially gloomy.

Online travel retailer Holiday Hypermarket has put together a caption competition that showcases some of the best winter holidays to book this year, but with a twist!

Starring Barbie and Ken (or Betty and Dave, in this case), the competition highlights eight of the best destinations to visit at this time of year and invites you to add your wittiest captions for the chance to win one of eight £100 travel vouchers.

Add your take on Betty’s snapshots as she burns down the dance floor in Ibiza Town, tries her hand (unsuccessfully) at wind surfing in Goa and rides a monster rollercoaster in Florida. Caption her travels via Twitter by clicking on the “Tweet your own caption” button.

Do you want to go where Betty’s been? Add a caption or two and stand in line to win a jackpot £500 prize when the competition closes at the end of November.