10 money saving websites you may not have read…but definitely should!

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If you stare at your bank balance and wonder how you’re going to make it through to the next paycheque you’re not alone. Up and down the country, individuals and families are finding the harsh economic climate a tough day-to-day adversary.

Thankfully there is a veritable army of bloggers eager to help. Writing daily about their own experiences on the frugal front line, they are an inspirational bunch whose tales of thrift and economical know-how serve as a timely reminder that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved.’

Quidblog pays homage to ten of the most creative and intelligent UK-based money saving blogs and websites and thoroughly recommends you give them a visit…

Miss Thrifty

Twitter: @miss_thrifty

The very personable author of award winning website www.miss-thrifty.co.uk writes and tweets on all manner of lifestyle topics with all the creativity and verve you’d expect from someone feted by Cosmopolitan magazine. Sample articles touch on cheap and cheerful recipe ideas, creative craft concepts for the home and valuable insights into the life of a young mum.


Savvy Woman

Twitter: @Savvy_Woman

Respected personal finance journalist Sarah Pennell is the founder and editor of Savvy Woman – a site, which in its own words, aims to make everybody a little richer…whether they are female or not. Registered members can make use of the expansive forums, while casual browsers are sure to find interest in the daily articles by industry experts and freelance contributors.


You Could Save

Twitter: @YouCouldSave

The brainchild of Peter Millikin, You Could Save thrives on offering a platform for third party companies to promote their sites through intelligently written blogs and informative articles. While cynical readers may be wary of a site littered with links, it’s worth remembering that you don’t have to click through and that much of what is written is worth its weight in gold. If there is a downside it’s that you can’t tell when articles were originally posted and the comment sections are closed.


Cash Questions

Twitter: @CashQuestions

Need an answer on a financial matter, but don’t know where to turn? Look no further than Cash Questions. Founded by Annie Shaw, the site provides forums for users to ask questions on all manner of complex matters, with answers provided promptly and with clarity by a team of experts. Registration is required, a newsletter is sent weekly and there is also a useful blog focusing on the issues of the day.


A Thrifty Mrs

Twitter: @AThriftyMrsUK

While her money saving blog is one of the most personal on the web, little is known about A Thrifty Mrs aside from her own description of herself as a 20-something journalist, radio producer and voice-over artist. Making great use of photoshop to create eye-catching images and tutorials (both in and out of the kitchen), her blogs are honest, funny and will no doubt appeal to anyone who lists bargain hunting as a favourite pastime.


The Diary of a Frugal Family

Twitter: @frugalfamily

Updated by a working mother of two, the Diary of a Frugal Family consists of very personal musings on how to raise children on a tight budget. With sections dedicated to money saving tips, thrifty Christmas ideas and favourite recipes, as well as blogs inspired by the trials and tribulations of parenthood, it’s a veritable treasure trove of warm and friendly advice.


Budget Traveller

Twitter: @BudgetTraveller

For those who like to travel as cheaply as possible, budget traveller is great place to visit both during the booking process and just before departure. Incorporating ‘cheap eat’ articles, guest posts from backpacking graduates, aesthetically pleasing photography and a must-read run down of the most luxurious hostels in Europe it’s a sure-fire winner for those setting off with a backpack and not much else.


Help Me To Save

Twitter: @HelpMeToSave

Canny Scot, Karen Bryan created H£LP M£ TO SAV£ in 2011 having created the Europe a la Carte website in 2002. Her latest online adventure is packed with insightful articles, bitesize podcasts, interviews with money saving experts and regular musings and advice on how to take charge of your life.


Make It And Mend It

Twitter: @MakeItAndMendIt

The brainchild of four likeminded, eco-conscious women, Make It and Mend It aims to inspire individuals to repair and rejuvenate items that in normal circumstances might end up in the bin. As well as countless articles, videos and downloadable guides explaining how to bring household and garden bits and bobs back to life, the site is packed with recipe ideas and also has a lively social media output. Recent campaigns have also centred around reducing food wastage in the home and promoting packed lunches for children.


Money Magpie

Twitter: @MoneyMagpie

Set-up by well-known personal finance guru Jasmine Birtles, Money Magpie describes itself as the country’s leading site for safe and legitimate money-making opportunities. Beautifully designed it offers advice on how to make money and save money as well as sections on ‘bargain’ deals and free downloadable e-books. Featured regularly in the national press, the site is given a personal touch by columnists writing on issues specific to small businesses, students, retirees and those with an interest in investments, technology and food.

Which are your favourite money saving sites on the web? What types of articles would you like to see on Quidblog? We're always open to new suggestions so drop us a line using the comment section below!