Top 5 Cyber Monday tech shopping ideas


Cyber Monday, which falls this year on 26 November, is commonly regarded as the busiest day of the year for shopping online. Wily shoppers are trying to avoid the last-minute crush on the claustrophobic High Street, and get their Christmas shopping wrapped up before they need to fret over delivery times.

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Here are five hand-picked tech ideas from Which? that Cyber Monday shoppers may want to track down in the build up to Christmas.

Apple iPod Nano

The iPod Nano is the latest Apple MP3 player to be redesigned. The new model costs £129, has a 2.5-inch touch screen and comes in a variety of colours.

With its 16GB capacity, it will hold around 1,600 songs, but it can also store video and photos. What’s more, our tests show that time after time Apple delivers on quality, so the new iPod is unlikely to disappoint.



Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch

US bookstore Barnes and Noble dips its toe into UK waters with the latest versions of its ebook reader, the Nook. The maker claims both the Nook Simple Touch and Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight offer 25% faster page turns and 80% less flashing than any other ebook reader on the market.

Like most other ebook readers, it uses an e-ink display that means the batteries can last for weeks on end and reading is said to cause less eyestrain. Amazon has a well-established ebook store in place in the UK, while the Barnes and Noble store is new and untested.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon has dominated the ebook reader market for sometime, and now it’s trying to muscle its way into the tablet market. This 7-inch tablet, at £129, is an aggressive opening move.

You have to put up with an advert each time you turn the device on. It’s a still image that pops up while the tablet warms up. It’s not too intrusive, but if you think it would annoy you, you can pay an extra £10 for a tablet with this ‘feature’ switched off.

It’s not as high spec as Apple’s iPad, but it ticks a lot of boxes for such an affordable tablet.



Canon Ixus 125 HS

The Canon Ixus 125 HS compact digital camera is an ultra-slim model with a 5x optical zoom and full HD recording that is available in a range of bright and bold colours.

Our lab tests found that this point-and-shoot camera takes decent shots in most conditions – even at night when lots of smaller cameras struggle.

It lacks the bells and whistles of other cameras but, for around £140, it’s a good choice.

Nikon D3200

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, then the Nikon D3200 digital SLR could fit the bill. It’s designed to appeal to budding photographers looking to take their skills from basic photography to the next level.

This camera takes great shots, and the ability to be able to build up a collection of lenses opens a world of creativity. As well as the advanced manual controls, this model also offers plenty of automatic settings to use as you build up your confidence and skills.

At around £430 it costs much more than a simple pocket camera, but it undercuts and outperforms a number of other digital SLRs.

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This post was written by Ben Stevens, deputy editor, Which?