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Collingwood Car Insurance (Quidco Compare Car) offers & cashback

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Collingwood Insurance Services (UK) Ltd specialise in private/public hire insurance trade for individuals and fleets, where we offer policies for as short as a week, to as long as a year.

Our Learner Driver policies offer comprehensive insurance covering learner drivers whilst accompanied, driving a vehicle specified on the policy, that could be your parents, grandparents, friend or any other relative.

Terms & conditions

Please note: by clicking the get quote button, you consent to your details being used by the insurance comparison and policy companies we work with. Full details are in our privacy policy.

This merchant is part of a panel of insurance providers working with Quidco via Quidco Compare, the comparison service powered by Quotezone. The cashback amount offered for this merchant is only available when you complete a car insurance comparison quote via the comparison service and take out a policy with the merchant. Depeonding upon the criteria entered as part of your quote process the merchant may not be able to offer you a quote.

Cashback is based off of your policy premium and may be more or less than advertised. Once you generate your quote via Quidco Compare you will be told the amount of cashback you are entitled to.

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