is a home stay community that has members all over the world. With Crashpadder hosts earn extra money from their spare space, and travellers save money on expensive hotels and avoid the discomfort of hostels by staying with a friendly local. offers accommodation in over 80 countries and have three main advantages:

  • 83% cheaper than hotel chains
  • 90% more carbon-efficient
  • a free local expert with every stay means you can visit like a local.

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First visit to retailer? Be sure to read the terms & conditions and review the cashback rates

Terms & conditions

  • If the host or guest decline any part of the booking, cashback will not be eligible
  • Cancellations once a booking has been made are subject to a cancellation fee
  • Members should only use voucher codes listed on Quidco. If you use voucher codes or gift vouchers that are not listed on Quidco your cashback may not track or be declined.

Voucher codes & offers

Cashback is available with Crashpadder. But at this time we've no additional voucher codes or offers, but keep watching this space as we're always adding new deals.