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Free 30 day credit score and report + £8 cashback
Check your finances today, get a free credit score and report at CreditExpert + an exclusive £8 cashback

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FASTER PAYING Experian - Credit Expert - 30 day free trial

CreditExpert is the UKs leading online credit monitoring and ID theft protection service from Experian. Get your Experian Credit Report and Score

With your Free 30-day trial you get:

- Unlimited access to your Experian Credit Report & Score

- Expert advice on improving your credit rating

- Help finding finance deals that suit your credit rating

See what lenders see when you apply for a credit card, mortgage, loan or mobile phone. Improve your credit score and check that all the information contained on your credit report is accurate and up to date. (A monthly fee of £14.99 applies after trial period.).

  • £8 cashback
  • Check your finances today, get a free credit score and report at Cr...

EXCLUSIVE RATE £8 cashback / 1 offer

Check My File - Monthly Subscription

View the UK's most detailed credit report with checkmyfile, completely free for 30 days. No one else provides data from all three credit reference agencies, at different levels, which enables you to check whether court or electoral roll information is held at Callcredit, Equifax or Experian, and to compare exactly what is held at each, on one screen.

  • £5.75 cashback

£5.75 cashback

My Credit Monitor

My Credit Monitor allows you to check your credit score and provides advice on how to improve it in order to get better deals when applying for loans, credit cards or mortgages.

Your credit profile matters. Lenders use the information contained within it to make decisions about applications you make that can affect your ability to obtain credit or take out new loans. If the wrong information is recorded or someone fraudulently uses your identity, this can adversely affect your credit status.


  • £6 cashback

£6 cashback


Do you know what Your Credit History Says about You?

Equifax can help you find out! Equifax Credit Report Equifax Credit Rating Equifax Credit Watch

Understanding your credit has never been easier. Order Now!

Free Credit Report!

Your Equifax FREE Credit Report provides clear, easy to understand advice, helping you decipher your credit score. It will also explain how lenders make credit decisions and helps you get the credit or loan you really want. No obligation 30 day Free trial, and then only �6.99 per month.

  • Up to £6 cashback
  • Get your free credit report and score today...

Up to £6 cashback / 1 offer


Try UKCreditRatings Risk-Free: You will have unlimited access to your Credit Report & Score and tips on gaining financial freedom.

  • £4.20 cashback

£4.20 cashback

Check My File - One Off Search

The most detailed credit report, at the lowest price, checkmyfile gives you more than twice the information than any other credit report. Credit scores and identity fraud restoration services included free.

  • £2.50 cashback
  • Take out a 30 day no obligation free trial and get £2.50 cashback...

£2.50 cashback / 1 offer

Experian - My Business Profile

Helping 2.2million Small businesses manage their credit scores and improve access to finance

There are many ways that small businesses can access funding today, so it is essential that small businesses appear as attractive a proposition as possible when seeking investment to grow.

Aimed at the 87 per cent of the UK small business population who acknowledge a limited awareness of how to safeguard their credit rating, My Business Profile is an online subscription service which gives company directors the ability to proactively monitor and manage their Experian commercial credit score. Taking control of a company’s credit position is one of the most effective ways to maximise a business’ chances of securing investment and increasing the funding options available.

My Business Profile helps directors to identify and understand the top factors influencing their business’ credit score, in real time, at the click of a button.

  • 15% cashback

15% cashback

Open Resolution

Open Resolution is a UK based Credit File correction company, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Their goal is to help consumers improve their credit score by analysing their Credit Reports.


Research has shown that around 80% of consumers credit files contain inaccurate or incomplete information – this affects consumers ability to borrow money, and take out contracts that are credit scored – they may be declined, or pay higher rates of interest. Their service will help them ensure they are getting the best possible deal.

  • Up to £15 cashback

Up to £15 cashback


Check your finances today, get a free credit score and report at CreditExpert + an exclusive £8 cashback

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