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Simplyhealth Simply Cash Plan

At Simplyhealth our mission has always been to provide people with affordable healthcare, whatever the financial climate, and that’s why we’ve been around for over 140 years.

A Simply Cash Plan helps you to budget for yours and your families’ everyday healthcare costs. All you have to do is choose what level of cover you want from the four we have available and then pay us one monthly fee that allows you to claim back for dentist trips, optical costs, alternative therapies and more, up to your annual limits.

  • Up to £80 cashback
  • Receive a free £35 M&S gift card when you buy a Simply Cash Plan be...

Up to £80 cashback / 1 offer

Simplyhealth Simply Dental Plan

At Simplyhealth our mission has always been to provide people with affordable healthcare, whatever the financial climate, and that’s why we’ve been around for over 140 years.

Looking after your teeth can seem like a big expense.
With a Simply Dental Plan, from £7.95 per month, you can cover your dental costs so you don’t need to worry. You can claim back 100% money back for check-ups including x-rays and investigations, 75% money back for scale and polish performed by a dentist or hygienist and 50% money back towards dental treatments such as fillings, bridges and crowns, up to your annual limits.

Pre-existing conditions, treatment identified in a qualifying period and cosmetic/aesthetic dentistry procedures are not covered.

  • Up to £60 cashback
  • Get 2 months free when you join before the 30th June 2015...

Up to £60 cashback / 1 offer

Travel Insurance 4 Medical

We are medical travel insurance specialists with over 30 years of experience offering medical travel insurance policies to people with existing medical conditions.

  • 20% cashback

20% cashback Medical Insurance

Avoid NHS queues, get treatment when it's convenient to you Choose your preferred hospital and consultant Maintain your privacy in a clean, private room Choose your level of cover to suit your needs and budget

  • £75 cashback

£75 cashback

Dencover Dental Insurance

Dencover dental insurance is designed to protect you and your family from ever increasing dental fees.

Our members are able to visit ANY dentist of their choice for NHS or Private dental treatment, plus cover for exams, x-rays and hygienist visits is active from day one!

Highlights of a Dencover policy:

  • Cover starts from £4.99 per month
  • Immediate cover for exams, x-rays and scalings
  • Lowest qualification period in dental insurance market
  • Generous worldwide cover for A&E treatment – ensuring you have protection when you need it most
  • 5 levels of cover with the ability to add immediate and extended family

  • Up to £20 cashback

Up to £20 cashback

LV= Sickpay Insurance

The bills don’t stop just because you’re too unwell to work, and that’s where LV= Sick Pay Insurance comes in.
If you become too unwell to work due to an illness or an accident, once you’ve been unwell enough to work for 4 weeks we’ll pay you up to £1000 a month tax-free for up to 12 months to spend on anything you want. £1,000 a month insurance costs £20 a month, or £500 a month insurance costs £10.
There are no health or financial questions and you’ll be covered instantly when you apply online.
You’re covered for any kind of sickness or accident apart from things you had in the 2 years before your covers starts.
Available to you if you are aged 45 or under, a UK resident and working at least 16 hours a week.

LV= have recently been named Number 1 Insurer for Customer Satisfaction for January 2015 by CSI.

  • £60 cashback

£60 cashback

British Insurance Services

We are one of the UKs leading independent Unemployment, Accident and Sickness insurance providers.

PPI, also known as Unemployment Insurance or Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) cover, is an insurance policy which pays out if you lose your income - due to redundancy or an inability to work because of an accident or sickness - and replaces it with tax-free monthly cash payments for up to 12 months.

British Insurance is financially sound with a proven track record for quality cover and competitive prices.

By only offering products online and leveraging our relationships with insurers, we can keep costs low and invest in making our policies as inclusive as possible, without compromising on benefits or support services.

  • Up to £40 cashback

Up to £40 cashback

AIG Personal Accident Cover

Every year in Britain, people suffer from accidents through no fault of their own. Whether a burn from the barbecue or a dislocation or fracture from falling off a ladder would your customers be able to afford the time off work that they might need to recover?

If an accident were to result in a temporary or permanent injury; leads to a hospital stay of over 24 hours or even death, then the AIG Personal Accident cover could give your customers a cash payout of up to £500,000, dependent on the injury and level of cover taken out.

  • £20 cashback

£20 cashback

Simplyhealth Simply Personal Health

At Simplyhealth our mission has always been to provide people with affordable healthcare, whatever the financial climate, and that’s why we’ve been around for over 140 years.

Simply Personal Health is a private medical insurance plan that lets you tailor the level of cover to suit your needs and budget.

  • £25 cashback
  • Get 1 month of free cover when you join before the 30th June 2015...

£25 cashback / 1 offer

Saga Health Insurance

Saga has been providing quality health insurance for more than 25 years and we specialise in the needs of the over 50s.

Our health insurance offers:

  • A comprehensive range of plans at competitive prices
  • Prompt access to private medical treatment
  • An extensive list of over 450 private hospitals nationwide
  • No upper age limit and no medical required

  • £75 cashback

INCREASED RATE £75 cashback

AIG Direct Cancer Cover

Although more people now recover from a cancer diagnosis, 70% of patients feel the impact financially, that’s where AIG can help.

Cancer Cover has three products to choose from with set cover levels from £25k up to £100k so there is a product to suit most budgets.


- Cancer Cover covers all types of cancer* from £11.99** per mont

- Cancer Cover Female for seven female specific cancers – from £6.99** per month

- Cancer Cover Male for four male specific cancers – from £1.99** per month



- Cash payments at set levels between £25,000 and £100,000 dependent on level of cover chosen

- Or a cash payment of £1000 for some early stages of cancer which haven’t spread

- Cover even if there is a family history of cancer

- Partner discount

- No intrusive medical examinations to join

- *The policies do not cover previously diagnosed cancers or premalignant cancers and full cover does not start for 90 days

  • Up to £40 cashback

Up to £40 cashback

Helpucover Sports Injury Insurance

Each time you get on the field or on the court to play your favourite sport, it's not just bruises or scrapes you're at risk of − a broken bone or damaged ligament could cost hundreds of pounds in treatment and keep you off work for some time. Competitive Sports Injury Insurance from helpucover provides valuable cover to get you back up and running quicker.
Depending on the level of cover you choose benefits could include:

  • Up to £1,000 towards physiotherapy costs
  • Up to £750 a month Income Replacement benefit for 3 months if your injury keeps you off work long-term
  • Up to £10,000 a year for dental accident

Please note pre-existing or self-inflicted injuries or conditions will be excluded.

  • £24 cashback

£24 cashback

Freedom Health Insurance

Private health insurance from 95p a day! Any person who applies and buys a Freedom Health Insurance plan online gets one month FREE health cover!

Freedom Health is excited to offer affordable and comprehensive private medical insurance products for all budgets and needs.

Freedom Your Choice is our innovative self-pay health insurance plan where a lump sum is paid when a client makes a claim. This can be used for private treatment in the UK or abroad, or can be kept for personal use if they get treated through the NHS.

Our Freedom Elite policy is one of the most comprehensive and affordable health insurance policies. And with a no ‘no claims discount’ it means that the premium will not increase because a customer makes a claim.

  • £80 cashback

£80 cashback

CoverChoice Health Insurance

Compare results from leading insurers in one simple application with real time prices online and you could be covered in as little as 30 minutes.

  • Up to £100 cashback

Up to £100 cashback

Simplyhealth Simply Personal Accident Plan

Accidents can have a real impact on your life, so it's good to have a plan in place that protects you and your family.
The Simply Accident Plan is an affordable way to give you peace of mind and to protect you and your family from the financial impact of a serious accident.

  • Up to £26 cashback
  • Receive a a free £15 M&S gift card when you buy a Simply Accident P...

Up to £26 cashback / 1 offer

Drewberry Insurance - Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance covers your core monthly financial commitments such as your mortgage/rent, bills and food should you be unable to work due to an accident, sickness or unemployment. Speak to our expert advisers or get an instant online quote to compare the UK's leading insurers. Policies can start from as little as £10 per month

  • £60 cashback

£60 cashback

Cancer Cover

The Cancer Cover suite of products from AIG Direct has been designed to give a little bit of financial peace of mind upon the diagnosis of a covered cancer.
We offer Cancer Cover for all types of cancer, Cancer Cover Female which covers seven specific types of cancer and Cancer Cover Male which covers four specific types of male cancer.
Our range of cancer insurance products are designed to cover many of the common cancers affecting people in the UK and are for both men and women between the ages of 18 to 69.
With each product having four different cover amounts of £25,000; £50,000; £75,000 and £100,000 for cancers that have spread, or a cash payment of £1000 for some early stages of cancer which haven’t spread.

  • Up to £20 cashback

Up to £20 cashback


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