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Insure Wiser (Quidco Compare Car) offers & cashback

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With over 100 insurance companies in the UK offering thousands of different insurance policies, ensuring you have the one that really meets your needs and requirements is nothing short of a lottery.

You are told to 'compare', that you are 'confused', that this 'market' or that 'market' has the cheapest quotation. The truth in most cases is that your information is being collected just to be sold to the highest bidder, who then offers the cheapest possible policy whether it meets your needs or not! The hope being that they can force you to buy lots of other add-on policies and products, that prove to have little or no use, at over inflated prices.

At Be Wiser we are not going to sell your information to other insurance institutions. Neither will we pester you with endless emails nor unwanted phone calls.

We are simply going to offer you what we consider is the best insurance policy to meet your needs. We have over 125 years of experience in making sure our clients always get the right policy at the right price.Our team has selected what we consider to be the finest insurers in the UK. We know that we are able to help anyone who is looking to insure their car, van, bike or home.

Terms & conditions

Please note: by clicking the get quote button, you consent to your details being used by the insurance comparison and policy companies we work with. Full details are in our privacy policy.

This merchant is part of a panel of insurance providers working with Quidco via Quidco Compare, the comparison service powered by Quotezone. The cashback amount offered for this merchant is only available when you complete a car insurance comparison quote via the comparison service and take out a policy with the merchant. Depeonding upon the criteria entered as part of your quote process the merchant may not be able to offer you a quote.

Cashback is based off of your policy premium and may be more or less than advertised. Once you generate your quote via Quidco Compare you will be told the amount of cashback you are entitled to.

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