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Last updated Jun. 24, 2023
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    BD.co.uk Cashback

    Simply put: Automotive Brilliance, Delivered. Just as the acronym suggests, ABD.co.uk is the only place to go for your automotive needs in the UK. Find a wide range of car accessories from wiper blades to lighting to travel accessories and in-car tech available at great prices. 

    Bulb selections

    ABD.co.uk specialises in car bulbs. It has one of the largest selections and ranges of automotive bulbs found online. You can also use its car bulb finder to figure out which bulbs your car needs. Additionally, the company has an extensive range of LED car bulbs that provide upgraded, crisp lighting, and more extended usage with less power than filament bulb equivalents. 

    HID Xenon conversion

    If you’re looking to upgrade your automotive lighting, look no further. HID Xenon conversion kits from ABD.co.uk are some of the brightest, most powerful lighting solutions available. These easy-to-use kits can help you convert your halogen bulbs to HID. ABD.co.uk’s sister site, HIDS4U, sells these kits. 

    More than lighting 

    What began in 2003 as a car lighting speciality shop is now your one-stop-shop for everything you need to accessorise your vehicle. ABD.co.uk offers car cleaning and detailing supplies, in-car technology, plates, general maintenance products, travel accessories, and more. Why traipse out to an auto parts store in town when you can order online so much more easily and have them delivered to your home?

    ABD.co.uk is also the authorised reseller of top brands, including Phillips, Ring, Bosch, Twenty20, and Osram. Plus, you can shop for products that specifically fit your vehicle. Simply type in your registration and pick the products you need for your automobile—no more worrying about whether an item will be a fit for your car or not. 

    Wiper blades

    Have you ever gone to an auto body shop and realised that the vast range of sizes and styles of wiper blades are more than you can sort through? ABD.co.uk can help enter your automobile registration and tell you precisely what you need to purchase for your car. 

    ABD.co.uk has one of the most extensive repertoires of wiper blades available in the U.K., so it is bound to have what you need. Plus, it is continuously updating its catalogue of items to serve you better, every day. 

    Get ABD.co.uk cashback

    Get money back with Quidco on your online shopping journey. It’s quite simple, and you will be happy you did. Here’s how: Click on the cashback button on our webpage. We’ll send you to the ABD website. There, you can shop around for everything you need as you normally would. 

    Then, after you’ve completed your purchase, we’ll keep track of your order, process your cashback, and send it to your Quidco account. It’s that easy!

    Quidco and ABD.co.uk 

    When you shop at ABD.co.uk, you can be sure you’re getting the best deal by saving money on all your favourite products/services. It’s easy to save money when you use our exclusive ABD.co.uk voucher codes and cashback offers. Get started shopping now by clicking the Get Cashback button, above.

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