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Affordable Mobiles

Last updated Feb. 1, 2024
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    Shopping Affordable Mobiles

    Affordable Mobiles is the best site for affordable smartphones. Don’t just take our word for out. They are rated excellent by Trustpilot. Whether looking to upgrade, get a new SIM, or change your plan, Affordable Mobiles is the easy, reliable way to keep you connected.

    Don’t miss out on great offers with Affordable Mobiles – the site for the best value phones and phone plans. With over 20 years of happy customers, Affordable Mobiles is the place to go for the latest tech and smartphones, covered by a range of UK-wide networks. 

    Make sure you don’t miss out on their sales, with offers on the iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy phones, and next-day delivery.

    Get an up-to-date handset with Affordable Mobiles upgrades

    Is it time for a new phone? With Affordable Mobiles, upgrading is easy and simple. Choose between O2 and EE upgrades to find the right network for you. There are a few benefits to upgrading your phone with this site.

    Its upgrade prices normally beat those of the networks, you can keep your old number, and their experts are open until late, so you can chat with them about upgrading options.

    Not sure if you’re eligible for an upgrade? Use the Affordable Mobiles eligibility checker to find out. Just put in your name, address, phone number and current network provider and they’ll be able to tell you.

    Be safe, not sorry with Affordable Mobiles insurance

    Phones are great but not when they’re broken, stolen, or lost. With Affordable Mobiles insurance packages, you can have peace of mind that your precious phone is covered should anything happen.

    There are three types of insurance policies: silver, gold, and platinum. Silver is the cheapest but provides the least amount of cover while Premiums costs more but covers your phone against mechanical breakdown, accidental breakage, theft, and loss.

    Plus, you have the option of getting worldwide protection for any 90 days. This is great if you’re travelling or going on an adventure holiday.

    What is Affordable Mobiles cashback?

    There are actually two ways you can earn cashback at Affordable Mobiles. One way is through good old Quidco, the other is through Affordable Mobiles themself. Some phones on the site come with ‘Guaranteed Cashback’. For example, if you were to buy an iPhone XR, you could get a £60 ‘Guaranteed Cashback’.

    This could cover the cost of a month or so’s payment. Once you purchase your phone, your cashback will be paid into your bank account after 99 days.

    The other way to get cashback is to go through Quidco. All you have to do is click the ‘Get cashback’ link at the top of this page and you’ll be directed to the Affordable Mobiles website. Then purchase the item or items that the cashback rate applies to.

    Sit back while we track and process your cashback. We’ll then send it to your Quidco account.

    Quidco it at Affordable Mobiles

    Affordable Mobiles understands that whether looking to upgrade your plan, get the latest new iPhone, or find a more affordable contract, you want reliable service and no hassle. With the latest tech from the biggest brands, Affordable Mobiles is here for you.

    With Quidco, you can make great savings and cashback on Affordable Mobiles.