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More about Airhead

We love staying active in the city, but couldn’t find a pollution mask that combined personality with real, research-backed innovation. We wanted to change that.

We met whilst studying at the University of Bath back in 2011, and quickly became great friends. Since then, it's been a journey with many exciting twists and turns. We even lived together in a 1-bedroom flat for a whole year to get Airhead off the ground!

Before Airhead became a thing, we realised there was a problem. As we discovered more about the effects of air pollution, we started looking for face masks and found absolutely nothing that we liked. Every other mask was so hot, uncomfortable and downright embarrassing to wear. Lots even had little gaps that would let dirty air in at the sides! Then we found out that there were so many other people with the same problems.

So we quit our jobs (this was scary!), collaborated with some incredible people and created an innovative new pollution mask.

With very little money in the early days, we had to get very creative with our marketing, and would stand on the streets of London holding up signs to spread the word. To those of you who saw us, thank you for your encouragement!

We then became an award-winning member of the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator, won a competition to help us expand in India and then launched on Kickstarter.