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lTemple81491 wrote on 28 October 2016

worth going through quidco

I don't do a yearly membership any longer instead taking out a monthly worldwide membership every so often. I have done this through quidco past couple of times and it is worth a tidy sum in cashback. You need to remember to cancel the membership at the end of your month as you don't get cashback when it renews at end of month.

Overall rating 4 stars

user1149847 wrote on 16 June 2016

Not tracked for two years

Very disappointed. As a long term subscriber with a very expensive membership, my purchases failed to track two years in a row. A year down the line, nothing has happened with my claim, no response whatsover from Ancestry despite providing all the info required.

Overall rating 2 stars

pxrogers wrote on 30 April 2018

Not tracking

Ensured I did this last year, and have chased ever since. No cashback. Hence my cancellation of it this year. Good product, but not at the price they charge.

Overall rating 1 stars

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Overall rating 2 stars

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