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Apple Services

More about Apple Services

Take advantage of our iTunes cashback offers today and you can claim money back on a wide range of digital media purchases. And don’t forget to come back to this page to check for updated discount codes or cashback deals in the future.

Why use iTunes?

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The first version of iTunes was primarily a music manager, used to store and organize digital audio files. Apple turned that on its head in 2003 with the launch of the iTunes Store, an online retailer that integrated with iTunes to create a complete music ecosystem. The iTunes Store grew fast, becoming the largest music vendor in the world by 2010; it is now available for Mac and Windows, and sells films, TV, podcasts and audiobooks, as well as every kind of music, from Rihanna’s pop to Rimsky Korsakov’s concertos. Check out the iTunes UK chart for the current top downloads on the service, including eBooks and apps, as well as music, film and TV.

Thanks to iTunes, building and organising your digital media library couldn’t be easier – and it’s now even better value with our iTunes cashback deals. Simply follow the cashback link on this page to start earning money back on your iTunes purchases.

The easy way to manage your music

Apple computers, phones and tablets come with iTunes pre-installed, and PC users can download and install the software for free. Once you're up and running, you just need to sign up for an iTunes account and you can start shopping for music, films and TV shows straight away.

Your iTunes music downloads don't just include the audio file – you also get information about each track and album, including genre, year of release, duration and much more. There’s also an iTunes artwork option so you can download the album sleeve.

That extra detail means that as you build your collection, you can organise it into themed playlists, and view by genre, artist, or even decade, making it really easy to find the albums and tracks you want. No more thumbing through hundreds of CD boxes or vinyl record sleeves, wishing you were the sort of person who filed their music alphabetically.

Speaking of CDs, if your computer has a CD drive you can also use iTunes to digitize your old hard-copy music, so you can keep your entire collection in one place. You can even buy gadgets that allow you to digitize music from vinyl – so if you've got the right hardware, you can build the ultimate digital collection from CD, vinyl and download.

Sync your library across all your devices

Get access to all your music on all your devices with iTunes Match. This subscription service adds all of your music to the 'iCloud' using iTunes for PC or Mac – and without getting too technical, that means you can then play your tunes from any device with iTunes. Simply turn on iCloud Music Library on each of your devices to gain access to your downloads wherever you are, from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Match also acts as a back-up, creating iCloud copies of your iTunes purchases and any other music you’ve imported. So if anything happens to your main computer, your digital media files will still be safely stored on the Apple servers.

iTunes Match is available on an annual subscription, or comes free with the Apple Music streaming service. Search iTunes Match in the iTunes online help section of the website for more details.

Smart playlists and personal recommendations

iTunes has lots of whizzy features to help you get the best out of your music collection. One of the cleverest is iTunes Genius. Opt in to the service and Apple will collect information about the type of music you listen to and use it to create playlists of music you might like.

You can base iTunes Genius Mixes on a particular genre you like, or just choose a single track you love and let the iTunes wizardry dig up other tunes in a similar style. Think of it as your very own ad-free, DJ-free radio station. If you’re not sure what you want to listen to, click Genius Shuffle and leave iTunes to do the work – it will choose something from your library at random and play a collection of songs to go with it.

Genius is available on Apple Music, iTunes for mobile devices and iTunes for Mac or Windows PC. To get the best out of it, subscribe to Apple Music – that way Genius will be able to choose from millions of streaming tracks, instead of just the ones you've purchased or imported.

All your favourite films, TV shows and podcasts

Despite the name, iTunes isn’t just about music. It also gives you access to the best in cinema and TV. Go to iTunes Movies to rent or buy anything from the latest blockbusters in 4K HDR to classic film noirs from Hollywood’s golden era. iTunes movie rentals are available for 30 days from the date of purchase, so you can settle down to watch any time during that period. And don’t worry if you get interrupted. Once you press Play you have 48 hours to finish the film. Even the final Lord of the Rings film wasn’t that long!

You can also rent or buy TV programmes on iTunes, whether you want to catch up on the latest episode of your favourite series, download a box set or discover a digital exclusive. And if you’re a fan of the spoken word, there’s a huge selection of iTunes audiobooks and podcasts to download, including lots of free iTunes podcasts to enjoy.

Apple iBooks

As well as audiobooks, the iTunes books service offers an entire library of ebooks, including literary classics, current best sellers, biographies, crime fiction and academic books. Most come with free samples so you can try before you buy, and in many cases the purchase price is far lower than you would pay for a hard copy in the shops. Look out for special enhanced editions with interactive features and beautiful illustrations. To read ebooks from iTunes you'll need the iBooks app, a free download that is available for all Apple devices.

Check terms and conditions before you buy to ensure ebook purchases are eligible for cashback.

iTunes app store

Visit the iTunes app store to discover over two million apps, many of them free to download. You'll find apps for almost everything. Grab a fun, addictive mobile game for your morning commute; sharpen up your linguistic skills with foreign language course; log and compare your walks, runs and workouts with a fitness tracker. You'll even find simple utility apps for checking the weather, setting alarms and creating notes and reminders. If you can imagine it, there's probably an app for it.

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5 ways to make the most of your iTunes cashback

From catching up with a gripping TV drama at the gym to downloading your favourite celebrity chef’s latest cooking app, here are some tips on making Quidco’s iTunes cashback deals work for you.

1. Compile the ultimate party playlist

When you’re organising a party, it pays to get the music sorted well in advance of the big day. Browse the iTunes charts for inspiration before downloading your favourite songs to play offline, then use iTunes' simple interface to build a playlist. Once you've got all your songs in place, you can get them in the perfect order by simply dragging them up or down the playlist. Pushed for time? Check out the current iTunes top 100 downloads, click on a song you love and use Genius to create a playlist based on your choice.

2. Catch up on your favourite TV series on the go

iTunes TV box sets are a great way to catch up with classic television programmes or discover new ones. Purchase and download at home, then watch on your mobile or tablet, whether you’re on the exercise bike at the gym or stuck on a long train journey. And if you’re interrupted, it’s no problem. You can go back and watch it as many times as you like, with or without Wi-Fi.

3. Turn on Family Sharing

Make your money go further by turning on iTunes Family Sharing. Simply create a Family Sharing Group on your desktop or mobile device, adding each member’s Apple ID. You’ll then be able to view and download items from each family member's purchase history on up to 10 of your devices, making it easy to share music, films, TV programmes and books.

4. Sink your teeth into the latest bestseller

There’s nothing like settling down with a good book to help you wind down at the end of a tiring day. iTunes allows you take your favourite book or audiobook with you wherever you go, on your phone or tablet. Download audiobooks with iTunes for iPad, tablet or smartphone, or grab an ebooks to read on the iBooks app (Apple devices only).

Remember to shop through the cashback link on this page, otherwise your cashback won't track correctly.

5. Discover your new favourite app

Browse the iTunes app store for millions of apps to help you work, rest and play. You’ll find everything from an Alexa iTunes app to help you use your Amazon Echo, to one from ZSL London Zoo, offering animal facts and an interactive map for when you visit. Many apps are free, but if you shop via our cashback link you might be able to claim cashback on any you do pay for. Remember to check our terms and conditions to see which iTunes purchases are currently eligible for cashback.

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Using iTunes and the iTunes Store

First time using or shopping with iTunes? We've provided answers to some of the most common questions below.

How can I create a playlist on iTunes?

On the desktop version of iTunes, go to File in the top menu, click on New and then choose Playlist. On a mobile device, open the app, choose Playlists from the menu and choose Add Playlist.

Can I use iTunes on a PC?

Yes, you can use iTunes on a Windows PC. You'll need to download the latest version from the Apple website. The software is free to download – search "iTunes for Windows" to find the official download page.

Does iTunes work on Android?

No. Android users can use the Apple Music streaming service, but there is no Android-compatible version of the iTunes software.

How do I backup iTunes to my iPhone?

Simply connect your phone to your laptop and follow the onscreen instructions. You can back up everything automatically, or choose manual back up to specify which files you want it to apply to.

What is iTunes Match?

iTunes Match is a cloud service that allows you to access all of your music, including songs you've imported from other sources such as CDs, on all of your devices. iTunes Match is a monthly subscription service.

Can I get free music on iTunes?

Music is not generally free on iTunes. However, you'll find masses of albums available for under £5, and if you sign up to the Apple Music subscription streaming service, you get unlimited access to the entire iTunes library.

How can I authorise a computer on iTunes?

Open iTunes and make sure you’re signed in with your Apple ID. Click Account in the top menu bar, choose Authorizations, and then Authorize This Computer.

Can I get a refund on an iTunes purchase?

You may be able to get a refund if there is a problem with your purchase. Search "Apple Report a Problem" to notify Apple of your issue. After you've signed in with your Apple ID you'll be able to search your recent receipts, find the purchase you have had a problem with and begin the reporting process. Problems must be reported within 90 days of purchase. Note that getting a refund on your purchase could invalidate your cashback. Check the terms and conditions for details.

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