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JasonDeanGray wrote on 20 September 2017

declined claim

Got the card. Then they declined my cashback. Now having to go through a claims process - which will no doubt take ages ! Not impressed ! Maybe I'll forgo the cashback if they wipe off the debt as I didn't take out a card with them ;) ! Also was supposed to get a voucher for a free nights stay for spending over £750 - And they haven't sent that either. ** Update got the voucher - just need the CB Now !! *** Quite looking forward to the phone call when I tell them what they can do with their card !

Overall rating 1 stars

shefstudentboi wrote on 05 November 2016

Cashback Denied

Cashback was denied saying that the commission had been allocated to another party but I find this very unlikely. A bit of a con by Barclaycard. I doubt they pay out anyone. The card is good in that it offers a free weekend night for a spend of only £750 however.

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 1 stars

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