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denisehinchliffe64333 wrote on 03 October 2016

Good service

Have dealt with this company for some time now. The product choice is good and delivery efficient. Discounts available for customers.

Overall rating 5 stars

user1083570 wrote on 10 January 2017

Incorrect amount

Be careful with cash back amounts! Should have recieved double the cash back. Raised a claim and they declined! Disappointing.

Overall rating 4 stars

jebellenie wrote on 30 April 2018

Cashback declined

On the positive side, the delivery was reasonably prompt and the product was as expected. However, don't bother buying from Beauty Expert if you're relying on the cashback to make it cheaper. The cashback was declined for no reason, and the only information I got was that they "declined your claim advising us that the purchase was either returned, amended or cancelled". None of those was true.

Overall rating 3 stars

Overall rating 4 stars

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