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user3008108 wrote on 04 January 2018


Cash back never ever tracks

Overall rating 3 stars

tLocke43832 wrote on 25 July 2016

Once is enough

'Blood from a stone' doesn't really do justice to trying to get cashback from this retailer. It's now almost four months since I made the purchase and I've had to put in a claim for cashback. Whether they will ever get round to doing anything about it is anyone's guess. As for the retailer, they are not the worst beer retailer I've seen, but there are plenty of others around that are better in terms of the variety of beers from independent breweries. The prices are not exorbitant, but neither are they especially cheap. I'll stick to some of the better beer sellers from now on. It was worth a try, but definitely a one-time only affair.

Overall rating 1.5 stars

Overall rating 2.5 stars

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Cashback not available