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More about Besty

Besty is the first selective marketplace. We created the concept so brands can select and sell the best of their products. That’s why we invite each brand to showcase from 1 to 20 products. No more.

We are different from other fashion marketplaces because it allows clients to go straight to the essence of a brand instead of browsing endless product catalogs.

We aim to provide direct access to talented and inspirational designers that share the common values of sustainability and creativity.

Our approach is based on three principles
1) We leverage the power of curation
2) We enable labels to take center stage
3) We promote ethical and cruelty-free fashion

We want to build a bridge between innovative brands and fashion lovers from all over the world. We think the best way to help our consumers discover new labels is through highlights.

Highlights are the products that represent the essence of a brand. There are six types of highlights bestsellers / sales / novelties / limited editions / collabs and custom made products.