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Sorry, we can't find anything to match that wrote on 02 October 2017

Excellent !

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user2645498 wrote on 30 May 2017

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Best way to save money on holidays

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maykecase62798 wrote on 20 March 2017

Quick, easy and always the cheapest

I've been using for years and sometimes, as a test, I'll have a look at other booking sites as well. always come out the cheapest. Their site, once you get used to it, is easily navigable and the information they provide is complete. Do I always end up agreeing with the review score? No. Hotels/Inns that have come with a 'Superb' rating I have not thought nearly as comfortable or clean as previous guests, and some of the just 'Good' ratings I have thought deserved a higher one. So use the score as a guide only - though in all fairness, it probably is truly safer to stay away from the bad scoring ones....

Overall rating 5 stars

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