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More about Bopster

At bopster we try and have as much fun sourcing and developing our products as the intended users have using them.

Our creative team are continually searching to expand our product ranges and focusing on improving our existing ones. Our registered brands, boppi, bopster, Land Surfer and just be… are our flagship ranges and we aim to offer safe and affordable fun.

With 20 years of experience in the video games industry our specialists are passionate about sourcing the latest video game titles and toys-to-life characters including Skylanders, Disney Infinity, Nintendo Amiibo and Lego Dimensions.

Our items are dispatched via recognised and trusted mail and courier services such as Royal Mail and DPD so your item will be delivered promptly and securely.

Our small and friendly team are always on hand to assist customers with advice prior to an order, during the dispatch and delivery period and also once the item has arrived.

We hope you enjoy our products, the shopping experience and the service we provide.

Happy playing!