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Bought By Many Pet Insurance Cashback & Offers

Up to £40 cashback

Bought By Many Pet Insurance Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

£40 cashback

for a new MoneyBack policy

£40 cashback

for a new Complete policy

£35 cashback

for a new Pre-Existing policy

£30 cashback

for a new Regular (£7k) policy

£20 cashback

for a new Value policy

Last updated

More about Bought By Many Pet Insurance

Bought By Many’s journey to better insurance

Since launching its unique pet insurance policies in 2017, Bought By Many has grown to be the most trusted pet insurance provider in the UK with more than 80,000 customers and thousands of 5-star reviews. Bought By Many is continuously reviewing prices, expanding what people can get cover for, and delivering exceptional customer experience – to achieve its mission to create better insurance for everyone.


Bought By Many’s unique policies

Bought By Many customers have unlimited FREE video calls with UK-registered vets through the FirstVet app. Available 24/7, it's a great way to get expert advice about issues you're concerned about, from the comfort of your own home.

Get a quote to see your price, and get 15% off your annual premium every year if you add multiple pets to the same policy so you don’t have to deal with multiple companies and save money at the same time.

  • Complete – The most comprehensive lifetime policy on the market. Up to £15,000 of vet fee cover a year so you know you can afford the most advanced treatment for your pet. Dental cover is included as standard and up to £6,000 for loss, theft or death.


  • Regular – A lifetime policy with up to £7,000 of vet fee cover a year and the option of no excess for pets under 9.


  • MoneyBack – 20% of your premium will be paid back every year you don’t claim. This lifetime policy covers up to £7,000 of vet fees each year.


  • Pre-existing– This lifetime policy covers pre-existing medical conditions as long as your pet hasn't received treatment or advice for them in the three months before the policy starts. Learn more about this exclusive policy on the Bought By Many website.


  • Value – A lifetime policy with up to £3,000 of vet fee cover. Conditions are covered for either £3,000 of vet fees or 12 months, whichever is reached sooner.

You can customise your cover by adding travel cover or cover for loss, theft or death as an optional add-on to many of the policies.

Bought By Many Reviews

Bought By Many proudly display their claims reviews publicly. Its UK customer service and claims teams have been rated 5 stars by over 9,500 customers on Feefo, and have a trust score of 9/10 on Trustpilot.

“Excellent all round service. It takes less than 5 mins to make a claim, user friendly website and fast response with quick payments direct into your account. No fuss, hassle free and reliable. Best pet insurance I've ever signed up with.”

 – Claire, Bought By Many customer, July 2019.

Bought By Many Highlights

Bought By Many wants to make insurance fairer for everyone. The following highlights are always included as standard with any Bought By Many policy.

No breed restrictions – Bought By Many covers all breeds of all ages.

Multi-pet discount – 15% multi-pet discount for pets on the same policy so you don’t have to deal with multiple companies and save money at the same time.

Quick and easy claims process – All claims can be submitted online, with no forms and no hassle.

No extra cost for monthly payment or penalty for claiming – Existing customers are never charged more than a new customer.

Clear and simple policy documents – It was awarded Fairer Finance’s Clear and Simple mark for its simplicity and transparency so you know what you can and can't claim for.

Exceptional customer experience – UK-based service and claims teams. Calls are usually answered in under 1 minute.