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BoxTree Gifts Cashback & Offers

Up to 8% cashback

BoxTree Gifts Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

8% cashback

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More about BoxTree Gifts

BoxTree puts ‘give back’ and sustainability at the heart of everything they do.  They also happen to make beautiful, unique gifts that you’ll be delighted to send to anyone.  So, it’s no surprise that they’ve become the trusted partner of choice for UK businesses to gift their staff and clients. 

Delivered directly to their door, BoxTree’s ready-made gift packages are a real treat to receive.  Choose from a comprehensive range of gifts that are designed to say ‘thank you’, ‘welcome on board’ or just ‘you rock!’.  From pamper boxes to stationery to foodie hampers, there’s something for everyone.   

With over 500 gifts and boxes featuring our latest new brand discoveries and seasonal products being released every month you can be sure to find something that fits the occasion. 

For a truly personalised gift you can choose your own contents and build a box that’s tailored to their individual taste or a special occasion.