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Broadband Choices

Last updated Nov. 30, 2022
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    Shopping Broadband Choices

    Broadband Choices has been the UK's largest Office of the Communications (Ofcom) accredited broadband comparison service provider since the early 2000s. It is home to communications and entertainment comparison services that connect customers with the best broadband packages for their specific requirements.

    Broadband Choices: the comparison service experts

    With their mobile, television, and internet expertise, Broadband Choices helps customers compare and assess various broadband deals with ease. They provide the latest news and support to assist customers in making the right broadband choice. They dedicate themselves to delivering informative but neutral and unbiased content that offers value to their customers.

    Customizable comparison calculator

    Broadband Choices offers a customizable comparison calculator that is very handy. Searching for broadband, home phone, and TV that includes your must-haves is made easier and simpler with the help of a comparison calculator. Just input your postcode and hundreds of the latest deals and offers available in your area will be sorted in just a matter of seconds.

    It is easy to sort through tons of mobile phone deals in just a blink of an eye through Broadband Choices' comparison service. Compare different plans, such as and Broadband Choices SIM-only plans, pay-monthly plans, and pay-as-you-go plans. The site also enables you to measure different handsets when it comes to their features and asking prices.

    Aside from finding the best deals, Broadband Choices provides its followers with some excellent rewards. 

    Broadband Choices providers 

    Broadband Choices help narrow the vast range of choices of the best broadband, phone, and television trades available near you, along with thousands of available cell phone deals.

    While Broadband Choices also consider applications, they commit to seeking out various networks, providers, and retailers that may be qualified to be included on their list. Applicants will only be shortlisted if they pass the requirements for quality, average speed, price, installation cost, and other features like customer service.

    Customers are a big deal for Broadband Choices — they make sure all the businesses they enlist can deliver topnotch service that consumers deserve.

    Broadband Choices current list of providers

    Broadband, home phone, and TV providers

    • BT Business
    • EE
    • John Lewis Broadband
    • Vodafone
    • XLN Telecom
    • SMARTY
    • Sky
    • Virgin Media
    • NOW Broadband

    Broadband Choices mobile phone networks:

    • Asda Mobile
    • BT Mobile
    • EE
    • FreedomPop
    • SMARTY
    • VOXI
    • Plusnet
    • Three
    • O2
    • Sky
    • Virgin Media
    • NOW Broadband
    • giffgaff
    • TESCO
    • iD Mobile

    Broadband Choices mobile phone retailers:


    Get Broadband Choices cashback

    To claim your Broadband Choices cashback, head to the cashback links located at the top of the page. Click ‘Get cashback,’ and you will be directed to the Broadband Choices website to make your purchase. After you’ve completed your purchase, we will track and process your cashback. Then we will send it directly to your Quidco account. 

    Broadband Choices is a solid option if you’re looking to save money on your internet, tv and landline. But it’s not the only one. If you’re looking to find great-quality broadband for less, and get something back, then consider using our comparison tool. Quidco Compare helps you find the fast, cost-effective broadband. Plus, we’ll give you up to £171 cashback when you take out broadband. This way, you can both save money and make money.