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jscwan wrote on 31 August 2016

quick cashback

I had forgotten that I had cashback from Browns... but it appeared on my activity soon after I had used my card to pay for my bill

Overall rating 4 stars

rantingscientist wrote on 18 April 2017

Service charge and poor service?

I went to Brown's looking for an upmarket meal on a prolonged business trip, getting cashback was going to be a plus. It was a very quiet night in the restaurant but they insisted on seating me next to a very loud busy table (one of only two already occupied). They gave me a menu and didn't let me know what the soup of the day was or of any specials. I ordered a starter, main and glass of wine that would complement both. They then came over after delivering my wine in a warm glass and informed me the main I had chosen was off the menu tonight. This would have been useful information at the start of this process. I then had to find another main that I both liked, would go with a warm white wine and they actually had the ingredients for. Any other restaurant would have offered a complimentary drink or desert for the inconvenience but instead I got presented with a bill with an additional 10% service charge. I imagine you had to pay 20% to get a waiter who knew how to do his job. Like the acid reflux after the meal, having the cashback declined and Brown's not having a claims process with Quidco has brought back that burning sensation of disappointment in their poor service.

Overall rating 1.5 stars

Overall rating 3 stars

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