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We are a colourful, vibrant and quirky bath & body brand who are obsessed with all things tea related. Not only do our products look and smell amazing but will also leave you feeling great & your skin nourished! When it comes to beauty we believe that health matters and this is what ultimately shapes the nature of our products, which are Paraben & SLS free. Our playful aesthetic stems from the Taiwanese drink, guaranteed to catch your attention at a first glance.



We have been inspired by the Taiwanese drink invented during the 1980’s. It is advertised across Asia as a colourful and vibrant drink, catching your attention from first glance. The idea for introducing the concept into a bath and body range came as we returned from a trip to Asia to notice the opening of many bubble tea stores across vibrant parts of the UK’s city centres such as London’s West End and across Manchester.


Working alongside industry experts, we have crafted and blended a divine combination of rich tea based infusions, mixed with fruit essence and extracts. The properties of tea are well known across the globe. Different teas can provide benefits in different ways such as aiding sleep, speeding up blood circulation and even waking you up! Our extensive research has helped us to combine different benefits offered by tea as an ingredient in toiletries to create a range which replenishes, cleanses and hydrates your skin as well as provide a long lasting fresh smell.