What is it?

The Quidco Information Portal (QiP) delivers performance metrics related to activity on Quidco helping marketers execute their aims as efficiently as possible.

From retail to financial services, utilities to travel, QiP's flexible platform delivers behavioural information across nearly every vertical enabling retailers to send campaigns to their target audience and to measure performance down to an individual level.

Key features

Benefits for partners


the performance of campaigns, promotions and offers


customers with the right deals at the right time


incremental behaviour that delivers a measurable return on investment
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"Personalisation and targeting is a huge area of strategic focus for Shop Direct. By being able to target users with specific rates and creative, Quidco demonstrated their ability to align to advertisers' strategic objectives whilst ensuring the channel keeps pace with the functionality of others such as display, social and PPC, which in turn ensures continued investment. Quidco has consistently displayed the ability to evolve and meet advertisers' needs and has constantly proved its worth and incrementality as a partner. We look forward to continued collaboration with their team."
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones
Affiliates and Social Manager,
Shop Direct