What is it?

Quidco Opinions is our rapidly growing market research panel providing researchers and retailers with a unique opportunity to ask questions of the Quidco member base.

Quidco Opinions offers the ability to target members based on a comprehensive profile, which details attitudes, emotions and — uniquely — their transactional history ensuring a unique insight into today's UK consumers. Furthermore, Quidco Opinions enables you to join this information together to understand the financial impact of attitudes and opinions, making results actionable and quantifiable.

Key features

  • A highly responsive panel
    Tap into the thoughts of thousands of Quidco members who actively log into our transparent service on a daily basis.
  • The best data
    Attractive and easy-to-use surveys, coupled with cash rewards for completion, help yield more rewarding and reliable data.
  • Targeted surveys
    A highly developed research portal allows you to ask the questions that matter of the members most relevant to your needs.

Benefits for partners


effective means of capturing the thoughts and attitudes of some of the UK's smartest consumers


future offers and promotions using reliable data for more effective campaigns and a higher return on investment
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"The information we were able to get from Quidco Opinions has helped us in a number of ways, specifically on understanding our customers emotions and motivations when it comes to purchasing via Quidco at Debenhams, information we can put into action in our next set of marketing campaigns."
Gillian Makepeace
Affiliate Marketing Manager,