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mHack wrote on 29 March 2017

First time I've ordered

It very easy and lots to choose from now just to wait of order to come easter treats of my boys

Overall rating 4.5 stars

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Alan22 wrote on 01 July 2016

I am disappointed with the box contents.

To begin with, this is my 1st time using this service (Quidco), so some of the options above were very hard to judge, and even harder to separate, I gave "Pricing" as 5*'s because of Quidco, Not Cadburys, if you price the actual contents to compare to the cost of the deal, you may be disappointed, but the Intro deal from Quidco made this a good deal, and speed of of the cashback was again down to Quidco, their help with this purchase made the 5*'s possible for expediting the money side of things. I got a Gift box deal, the amount of time and quality that has gone into the actual presentation and construction of the box is brilliant, But, I fear that the box costs more than the actual contents, once you open the box I was very disappointed, and gives the impression of being cheap, you would expect the contents to at least be full size bars, but No, they are the multipack sizes (I can't be sure if every single piece was not full size, but the solid bar ones were definitely not full size bars). Then I noticed something that was even more disturbing, and that was they were taken from multi bar packs where appropriate, because they had the "these bars are Not to be sold individually" printed on them, I guess they are still sold as a multipack deal in a very casual way, but it just gives the feeling of cheapness. I do know and appreciate that they do not hide anything from you, listing exactly what you will get, so it's only the person who buys it's own fault if they don't like the selection, as you can clearly see the details before ordering, so don't get me wrong, for the intro deal I got for using this purchase made this a very good deal, but the picture you see of what you get for the price offered may be very good, but the pictures "could" leave you with the feeling of how little you get, so take a moment to take in just what you would be getting (e,g, full bars or snack size), the pictures are very flattering. My suggestion is if you want to do something like this for someone as a gift\present, order the gift you want to give, then when you get it, open it up, and add\exchange what would not be wanted by the person, and add some other Cadburys items bought from a shop, that you know Would be wanted, then close it up and you can be certain of the perfect gift, but if you have the money you can make your own box up from their custom gifts, but there is no doubt at all that the box screaming quality\luxury, but do take a bit of time researching the contents offered to avoid any disappointment, because everything else is perfect.

Overall rating 4.5 stars

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mattgroves wrote on 02 February 2017

Custom gifts

I ordered some customised gifts and found the Cadbury's service to be very good. Not outrageously expensive. Print quality was acceptable.

Overall rating 4 stars

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Overall rating 4 stars

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