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PhilAI wrote on 23 August 2017

Cashback Declined (Again!)

Every single purchase has been declined for my printer ink. I should receive 1% but the retailer is declining every cashback because "the order was either returned, amended or cancelled". I can assure you the order was placed, received and used - there were no returns, cancellations or amendments. Canon are a con on here - do not use them via Quidco, it is a waste of time! This is the third time they have declined a perfectly valid purchase of printer ink.

Overall rating 3.5 stars

ukeddiep wrote on 14 July 2017

Another decline

For some reason my cashback was declined like the others. Don't understand it. The cashback was why I went direct to them.

Overall rating 1 stars

user2987134 wrote on 28 April 2017

Cashback offer must be honoured

I purchased my camera and lens bundle through the canon online store linked in Quidco website. My purchase was confirmed as tracked, I have purchase confirmation email, delivery confirmation email and have even bought one extra lens and 3 accessories for my new Canon camera on top. There is surely no reason to decline my cashback claim. I insist that Canon pays the cashback it has promised in Quidco website. The very reason i chose Canon over Nikon was Canon's perceived better customer service reviews. If I my complaint doesn't yield a positive outcome, it will prove that Canon's cashback promise is just a hoax to fool customers. Hope my grievance is heard and dealt with appropriately.

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 2 stars

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