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frevrod wrote on 29 March 2017

Great insurer, never any cashback

I've used Carole Nash to insure my bikes for years. When I had a write-off I was extremely happy with their response and prompt settlement for a decent amount. Plus the inclusion of European recovery is very useful. Cashback, however has never been received. It seems to track for months and is then declined with no explanation, even raising it with Quidco produces no result. Fortunately I only ever consider cashback as a possible bonus, never a certainty.

Overall rating 3 stars

Flanners wrote on 14 December 2016


My cashback has been rejected 6 months after purchase. It appears from other reviews this may not be a one off. I have made a claim. The insurance quote was expensive and the reason I purchased it was because of the cashback offered, if this does not materialise then I will not be purchasing from Carole Nash again as quite clearly cashback is not honoured.

Overall rating 2.5 stars

ChromeMud wrote on 09 December 2016

Disappointed with Carole Nash.

A promise of exclusive £40 cash back. I paid for 12 months insurance . I never received any cash back. I filed a claim but it was rejected because apparently commission was paid to somebody else... Where is my cash back? That is known only to Carole Nash and they have no reason to divulge that information. My advice, pay your insurance monthly for obvious reasons.

Overall rating 1.5 stars

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Overall rating 2 stars

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