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paulcfry wrote on 21 September 2017

Fantastic service with super quick cashback

Bought 2 iPhone 6s, one on contract and one handset. Helpful and friendly staff on collection and cashback paid within 6 weeks. Couldn't be better!

Overall rating 5 stars

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phaldane47434 wrote on 20 February 2017

Easy transaction and received cashback

No complaints.

Overall rating 5 stars

user1072654 wrote on 07 February 2017

Will not honour my totally legitimate cashback claim!

I ordered an iPhone 6 through Quidco from Carphone Warehouse in June 2016, the single reason for this purchase was that the cashback of £100 made it the best offer. I received only £50 cashback in August 2016 and immediately queried this with Quidco - who agreed there and then that it should have been £100! After numerous emails since then I have now had confirmation today (6 February 2017) that my balance of £50 cashback has been declined - but I did not recognise any of the reasons given for this as being applicable to me! Why would I have even got the £50 cashback if I did not qualify and why do I have it in writing that my claim for £100 was correct? I recommend you do not buy from Carphone Warehouse if your decision is based upon the cashback, as you probably won't get all of it! I find this has been a shocking experience and question the legality of inducing someone to buy something and then not honouring the contract!

Overall rating 5 stars

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Overall rating 2.5 stars

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