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smoore11059063127 wrote on 21 June 2017

Great cashback

I was looking around for a new sim only contract. Went through quidco to find one. Cashback came through no problem. Product is great, just what I was looking for with the added bonus of cashback.

Overall rating 5 stars

chudbond007 wrote on 03 October 2016

Error on their part lead to cash back being declined

I bought a Vodafone 12 month SIM only deal which should have given me £65 cash back but Carphone Warehouse sent a PAYG sim. They sorted out the SIM but declined my cash back. I have raised a claim but doubt they will honour the deal. If they do pay the cash back it's a great way to save money but if they don't then I doubt I will use them again unfortunately.

Overall rating 2.5 stars

user844278 wrote on 11 November 2016

Avoid this retailer - tracked purchase but no cashback and no explanantion

£60 cashback offered on sim only with Vodafone. Purchase completed and tracked at lower amount (which it what the site says sometimes happens). However cashback was declined at both the lower and the correct level of £60 - no explanation even though the purchase was recorded and tracked. Quidco are unable to get answer from retailer - if retailer says not going to pay they don't have to give either Quidco or the purchaser a reason and their decision is final. Beware being tempted by big cash back values that are successfully recorded and tracked and then declined without reason

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 3 stars

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