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andrewhalls73286 wrote on 16 May 2017

Still no cashback

Car hire was fine no problems. However booked 2 cars in September 2016 still waiting for cashback despite contacting Quidco on numerous occasions nothing has happened, I simply get holding emails telling me they are looking into it and will get back to me as soon as they can! Either just tell me I am not getting the money and I won't use this provider again or pay up. From reading the other reviews it appears I'm not the only one missing cashback, if this provider is not meeting their cashback commitments they should be removed from the list of providers.

Overall rating 2.5 stars

user1867014 wrote on 29 February 2016

Not Trustworthy

Having booked a vehicle and used it as contracted,I awaited payment of the cash back. Regrettably cash back was refused with no reason stated,and my booking was on the basis that on the face of it the promised cash back was amongst the best rates. Do not trust this company to honour cash back rates,and if my experience is anything to go on,then Quidco should remove them from their lists of providers!! This level of service is totally unacceptable.

Overall rating 1.5 stars

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alictait wrote on 03 May 2016

Cashback declined for no reason

my cashback for this was declined for no reason even though it was a valid calim, i've chased many times, quidco have done nothing - very disappointing

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 1.5 stars

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