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Cash In Your Gadgets

More about Cash In Your Gadgets

Cash In Your Gadgets is a unique service that provides a quick and simple way to get some additional value from your old, used gadgets. The amount of electronic waste we produce every year is staggering, and companies like Cash In Your Gadgets play a crucial role in reducing waste and finding ways to recycle or reuse old electronics. 

At the core of Cash In Your Gadgets are their website and gadget pickup service. They provide customers with the convenience to trade in their used gadgets for cash without needing to leave their homes and take the devices to a collection centre or retail outlet. 

How to use the Cash In Your Gadgets service

The Cash In Your Gadgets service focuses on several electronic devices, such as laptops, desktop PCs, Chromebooks, MacBooks, iMacs, and All-in-One PCs. They might be able to accommodate other types of gadgets as well, but you might need to contact them outside the easy-to-use interface on their website. 

The procedure is straightforward and has four steps. First, choose the type of device you wish to sell and enter the exact model to receive a quote. Once you receive a quote from Cash In Your Gadgets, you will need to decide whether to move forward with the sale or not. If you choose to sell, Cash In Your Gadgets will arrange a free pickup service at the most convenient location for you.

Once the device arrives at Cash In Your Gadgets, they permanently wipe all of your data. Additionally, they might contact you with a price correction if your device does not match the description from the information you entered on the website. If you decide to cancel the sale, you will receive your gadget back, free of charge. If your sale goes through as expected, the money will be sent to your bank or PayPal account within three working days of the gadget pickup. 

Get Cash In Your Gadgets cashback

We live in an increasingly connected world, where tech devices and gadgets play an important role in daily routines. Due to the quick pace at which technology develops, most of us end up with piles of old electronics and gadgets that we have no use for since switching to newer, better models. Cash In Your Gadgets is a service that helps solve this problem and improve the recycling rate of old electronics. 

Quidco prepared a Cash In Your Gadgets offer for everyone that uses their platform to purchase products and service from this provider. To claim your Cash In Your Gadgets cashback, you need to have a Quidco account. Visit the Cash In Your Gadgets cashback page and make sure to log into your Quidco account. 

Click on the ‘Get cashback’ button, usually located at the top of the cashback page. Quidco will take you to the Cash In Your Gadgets website, where you need to fill out the necessary information and arrange the pickup of your gadgets. If you decide to purchase any additional services, you can do that, too. All of your purchases go through a validation and registering process with Quidco. As soon as it is complete, Quidco will deposit your Cash In Your Gadgets cashback into your Quidco account.