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Finance Services Cashback

Here at Quidco, you can find cashback offers and discounts on all of your financial needs. From saving accounts and credit cards to loans and even mortgages, we partner with financial companies that you can trust. So, whether you’re a young person who wants to save for their future, someone who wants to take out a credit card for the extra benefits, or a soon-to-be homeowner, you’ll be able to save money via Quidco.

Sorting out your finances is wise. By putting your hard-earned money in the right places, you’ll help save and make money in the long run. Consider Quidco as an extra step in this. By using the many financial services we have partnered — banks, credit companies, lenders — you’ll get cashback paid into your Quidco account. While we offer cashback on all walks of retail, such as shopping and tech, it’s these financial areas where you can make a lot of money back.

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Banking accounts

Everyone over a certain age has some kind of bank account — they’re essential for keeping your money safe and organised. Most people have at least a current account, which allows you to get paid, pay people, and keep your money secure.

But did you know that can get cashback when you open a standard current account? Well, with Quidco, you can. Open a bank account with partnered brands like TSB or thinkmoney, we’ll process your cashback and send it back to you.

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