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Utilities Cashback

Nobody likes paying their bills — nobody that I’d like to meet, anyway. It’s one of life’s boring necessities. You have to do it to be able to shower, boil the kettle and make toast in the morning. But it’s not all bad. If you buy your gas and electricity through Quidco, you get cashback. It’s simple, really. Just head to one of our many partnered energy brands via our cashback links, choose an energy tariff, and we’ll track your purchase and send you money back.

Whether you’re after a standard variable, fixed price, dual fuel or green energy, we can help you save money on all types of tariffs. In this section, you’ll also find smart home products and services: clever devices that give you full control over your energy usage, helping you save money on your bills. Add the savings you make with cashback onto that and you have yourself a price-cut double whammy.

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Compare gas and electricity

The best way to get a great deal on your utilities, however, is by using Quidco Compare. Like other comparison sites, we show you the best gas, electric and dual fuel deals. Why use us? Well, we give you cashback on top. Whereas other comparison engines give you a takeaway voucher or a night out to the cinema, we offer real, hard cash as a perk for taking out an energy tariff. You can spend that money however you may wish.

One of the benefits of having your gas and electricity bills separate is that occasionally it can be cheaper. Having a cheap gas supplier and cheap electricity supplier can sometimes mean you save more money than if you get it all rolled into one big package. For gas, compare 69 suppliers to find a cheap quote and get £20 cashback. For electric, there’s also 69 trusted suppliers and £20 cashback available.

If you want to have your utility bills in one nice easy-to-manage bundle, opt for a dual fuel tariff. This is when you get both your gas and electric from the same supplier. In some cases, this can be cheaper than buying each type separately, as suppliers sometimes give discounts to customers who buy both through them. Again, by comparing dual fuel quotes with Quidco Compare, you’ll be shown the best, cheapest deals. When you take out a quote, you’ll get £40 cashback sent to your Quidco account.

We partner with the energy suppliers you know and trust, including the likes of EDF, SSE, British Gas, ScottishPower, among many others.

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