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Woodhead wrote on 01 April 2016

Large purchase, big promises & a big let down?

Well it all started off well, visited the Clas Ohlson site via Quidco as per the norm making sure everything tracked my end. Placed a rather large order for £345 worth of goods and sat back to wait for delivery! Actual delivery from Clas Ohlson was a little bit of a nightmare it's self, but their Customer Service team where on a whole great eventually getting my delivery to me just before the New Year but too late for Christmas! But the real Let Down ... the Cash Back or rather lack of it! So far it's been a LONG & SLOW process ... and I'm still awaiting a Decision from the Retailer some Three Months on? I've got my good, I've paid my bill and they (Clas Ohlson) have had my money for a good 3 months! So no excuse one way or the other really is there! [even an UN-trained Chimp could make a Yes No decision quicker than this?]. So ... if your thinking of a Clas Ohlson Cash Back ... think long and hard because it may (I say may) be a case of a Long & Slow process for you too? Just saying? Me ... I'm still waiting ... but to be honest not really holding out much hope after all this time. The items I bought are OK so I've not lost out there, but it does leave a 'bitter taste' when it comes to any possible future purchases??? Anyway .... Good luck with yours should you decide to Go Forward with a ''Cashless Ohlson'' purchase ;) ....

Overall rating 3 stars

anita100 wrote on 04 October 2017

9 months no cashback

Tracked but still not paid after 9 months. Should be removed from Quidco

Overall rating 2.5 stars

poojasharma200735393 wrote on 15 December 2017

Terrible at paying the cashback!!

I bought plastic storage baskets from Clas Ohlson Back on 5 December 2016, Quidco are still tracking the purchase but I have not been paid. Not sure how many more months / years will this take!! DOn't waste your money with Clas Ohlson, you are better off spending it elsewhere.

Overall rating 1 stars

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Overall rating 2 stars

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