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grandoldteam wrote on 10 October 2017

Declined cashback

The only disappointing experience I've had on Quidco - Cloggs simply declined. Poor.

Overall rating 1 stars

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scottishrainbows wrote on 15 December 2017

cashback still not approved after almost a year

Decided to buy multiple pairs of timberland boots via Cloggs last November as the generous cashback offer at the time made it slightly cheaper than competitors overall.Almost a year later however I am still waiting for a decision on my tracked cashback and there's not even an option to get Quidco to step in until it is actually declined.How long can they take to make a decision.Feel duped as the only reason I bought from them was because when i took the generous cashback of i think it was 8% into account it worked out cheaper than other retailers,Big purchases,almost £20 cashback not forthcoming.

Overall rating 0 stars

Overall rating 1 stars

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Cashback not available