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user1163330 wrote on 07 June 2017


Like others I just get the feeling I've been conned. Expected £35 cash back following purchase of a pet policy a couple of months back. Paid in full by debit card yet cash back was declined yesterday. Have raised a claim so we shall see and I will update If and when I hear anything. Well, I've waited awhile and my cashback has again been declined so I shan't bother with the coop again. Avoid if you want cashback! Amazingly, Coop have changed their minds and cashback has duly arrived. It pays to be persistent!

Overall rating 1 stars

colli1 wrote on 18 May 2017

no payment

Co-op did not pay me after I got my pet insurant with them.

Overall rating 1 stars

Jane1669 wrote on 06 December 2016

Co-Op Pet Insurance

The retailer did not pay the cashback after me having taken out the insurance and have not been given a reason for this. Avoid.

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 1 stars

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