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Compare broadband & phone deals with Quidco

While the demand for landlines isn’t as great as a decade ago due to the rise in mobile phones, 83% of rural households reported still using their landline in the UK. This is comparable to 65% in urban areas, which is partly because it remains a lifeline for residents in rural areas where mobile reception can often be poor.

By opting for a broadband and phone deal, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and by comparing with Quidco, you could save money, too. On top of that, bundling the two services with the same provider can have many advantages, including:

Discounted price

Combining products can help you find a better price, as providers often offer discounts if you sign up for multiple services.


Some suppliers can also have other rewards, such as cashback or free gifts, to entice you to purchase a package deal.

Less hassle

Having the same point of contact for both your phone and broadband will make managing your bills and accounts simpler.

If you’re planning to switch, then there are a number of factors to take into account that you might want to consider when looking for a package that’s right for you:

●      Minimum download speed

●      Download limit

●      Other services you want to include

●      The minimum or maximum amount you want to pay

●      What you currently pay

How do broadband and phone deals work?

There’s no shortage of bundles out there that can be tailored to your personal preferences. So, whether you're a die-hard gamer in need of super-fast fibre optic, or you prefer a night in with a Netflix series, there's bound to be a package for you.

When it comes to broadband and phone deals, there are hundreds of providers to choose from. Depending on what they offer, they usually have different levels of packages. For example, broadband is offered in different speed tiers, which are usually:

●      Standard (from 10Mbps)

●      Fibre (from 30Mbps)

●      Super-fast fibre (from 55Mbps)

●      Ultra-fast fibre (from 100Mbps)

Broadband and phone deals are an inexpensive and hassle-free way to get broadband and a landline. Whilst fewer people use their landline phone, in most cases you still need a landline in order for your broadband to work.

Therefore, phone bundles are usually very cheap alongside broadband, and you are not required to use your landline number. 

What to look out for with landline deals

International calls or calls to mobiles

If you need to make these types of calls often, it is important that you check the prices as most telecom companies can charge you extra for calls to international numbers and mobile phones.

Free landline minutes

Some providers will give you limited landline minutes, but it’s important to check whether there is a limit on that, as you might get charged if you go over an hour.

Free call periods

It’s fairly normal for evenings and weekend calls to be included for free with landline packages, so look out for free call periods.

What to look out for with broadband deals 

Fair usage 

Due to the fact that up to 50 customers can share the same internet line, many providers have a fair usage policy. Even if you have unlimited broadband, if one person is constantly downloading, it will delay the connection for anyone else who is using it at the same time.

Customer service and support

When the internet goes down it can be very frustrating, especially if you’re working from home or have lots of people relying on it at any one time. It is therefore important to look out for suppliers that provide good customer service and support, so you know where to turn should services go down.

Equipment and hardware

Sometimes you will need new equipment, such as if you are upgrading from asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) to fibre, or need a new router being sent to your home.

Therefore, it is important to make sure whether there are any additional costs for hardware, or whether they are included as part of your package.

Why should I get a broadband and phone deal?

Seeing as though every household uses the internet differently, the best package for you depends on the amount of people at your address and what you use your broadband for. You’ll also have to take into account how you will be using your landline.

When considering a broadband and landline deal, it is important to consider these factors:


Although certain suppliers may appear to be more expensive, they may end up saving you money in the long run. Remember to keep an eye out for items like set-up fees, line rental fees, and initial gift cards or bill credits.

Inclusive minutes

Check the amount of minutes the landline offers you if you intend on spending hours chatting on the phone.

Broadband speed

This is important if you have a multi-person household, or you’re an avid gamer or streamer. Broadband speed will affect the price of the bundle, so make sure it’s the right one for you.

Unlimited downloads

If you are a heavy broadband user, you will most likely require an unlimited downloads package. Most deals today provide unlimited downloads, but some providers have a fair usage policy that can limit how much you can download at certain times of day.

Contract length

If you don't mind committing to a 24-month contract, you might end up saving a significant sum on your monthly bill. Typically, the lower the monthly fee, the longer the commitment.


If your household streams a lot of TV and music, downloads movies or plays online games, then it might be worth switching to a superfast fibre deal.


Streaming and downloading movies uses a lot of data. If you, or others in your household, do those things regularly, you’ll need an unlimited package.


Bundling a TV package with a broadband and phone package is a good way to get more for less. 

Broadband and Phone Deals FAQs

How do I switch my broadband and phone provider?

Compare quotes with a comparison tool like Quidco to find deals that suit your needs and circumstances. If you’re planning to switch, then there are a number of factors you might want to consider when looking for a package that’s right for you:

●      Minimum download speed

●      Download limit

●      Other services you want to include

●      The minimum or maximum amount you want to pay

●      What you currently pay

When you have this information ready, simply enter your postcode and start comparing quotes. With Quidco, you can receive cashback on your savings, too!

Will switching cause an interruption to my service?

Normally, you would not lose service. Switching broadband providers is much easier than it used to be, and you should be able to do so with little or no service disruption in certain situations.

Your new provider will notify you when the transition will take place and whether or not you will encounter any service interruptions.

Why switch to a broadband and phone deal with Quidco?

Switching to a joint bundle could save you money, time and reward you with incentives from your supplier.

By comparing quotes with Quidco, you could receive cashback when you switch, too! So, it’s worth looking around to find a broadband and phone bundle that suits you and your household needs. 

How long will it take?

Usually, the procedure takes a few weeks. Once you've decided on a new broadband and landline provider, they'll usually manage the process for you. Both providers will notify you, confirming your switch and informing you of the expected live-date.

Can I get a fibre and phone deal?

As part of a broadband and phone package, you can choose from a variety of broadband options. While ADSL is the most commonly available broadband, if it is available in your region, you will also have access to the superfast speeds of fibre broadband.

Can I keep my phone number if I switch providers?

If you change broadband providers, you can keep your phone number. The majority of large providers will do this for you. Simply indicate that you want to retain your current phone number, and they will handle the transfer.

What other broadband and landline costs do I need to think about?

Whilst any set-up or connection fees should be included in the initial quote, make sure to inquire about any additional one-time expenses.

Some suppliers offer new customers lower monthly rates or free access to subscription platforms for a limited time, i.e. Netflix. These promotional deals can be fantastic, just make sure you know what the price will be after the initial offer duration expires.

Which providers offer broadband and phone deals?

There are a number of providers that offer this bundle. With Quidco, you can compare market leaders such as Sky, Virgin Media, BT, TalkTalk, and Plusnet, to mobile providers such as EE and Vodafone, and even retailers such as John Lewis.

Can you get bundles with broadband and mobile phones?

Often referred to as ‘quad-play’, there are only a select few suppliers that offer mobile phone and broadband packages.

They are named as such due to the fact that it commonly includes landline and TV to make a single bundle for all four services. Whilst they combine all four for simplicity or management, you are likely to find a cheaper option by separating all four.