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professional indemnity insurance
professional indemnity insurance

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Why get a professional indemnity insurance quote here?

Looking to protect your business? When you compare professional indemnity insurance policies at Quidco Compare, you can choose from a range of quotes and receive cashback when you switch.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance, often referred to as PI insurance, is a type of business insurance that covers your costs if you make a mistake when working for a client. If the client suffers financial or reputational loss, this insurance will cover legal costs and expenses incurred in your defence, as well as any damages or costs that may be awarded to the client.

Who needs professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance can cover many types of businesses. It may be useful for self-employed workers like accountants, or companies doing certain types of business like designers. If you are offering any of the following services: giving advice to clients, offering a professional service or handling data, you should have professional indemnity insurance. 

Many careers need to have professional indemnity insurance as part of their industry body’s regulatory conditions. Even if you are not required to have PI insurance, without it, you could be accountable for thousands of pounds worth of legal fees and compensation payments, and loss of earnings from time spent in the legal case against you.

What professional indemnity insurance covers

Libel or slander

Using or producing written or spoken statements or materials that damage a client’s reputation.

Breach of contract or professional duty

When you fail to live up to your duty of care, e.g. giving incorrect advice or making a mistake in your work.

Unintentional breach of confidentiality

When confidential data is accidentally disclosed to a third party without the client's consent, such as sensitive data being unintentionally sent to the wrong person.

A dishonest, fraudulent or malicious act or exclusion of any former or present employee

This includes employees lying, stealing or withholding information from your clients as well as revealing confidential information.

Loss of, or damage to, documents and files

This includes documents that are lost in the post or even stolen while in your care. It also covers the cost of recovering the documents, where possible.

Unintentional infringement of intellectual property rights

For example, accidentally violating intellectual property, copyrights and trademarks, including imitation or passing another’s products or services off as your own.

How much it costs for professional indemnity cover

The cost of professional indemnity insurance depends on a few factors listed here:

Size and type of your business

Larger businesses generally have more risks involved when it comes to financial and reputational losses, so you’ll generally need higher levels of cover if your client is a large company.

Type of work

If your company faces high levels of risk, then insurers are also likely to charge more in premiums for a professional indemnity policy.

Business insurance comparison

You should use a comparison tool to compare professional indemnity insurance quotes. By using Quidco to compare insurers, you could save money and get up ro £28 cashback.

Types of cover offered for professional indemnity insurance

‘Any one claim’ and ‘aggregate’ policy

‘Any one claim’ cover provides cover up to the full limit for each individual claim made in the period of insurance. An 'aggregate' policy provides cover up to the full limit for all claims made in the period of insurance. Although an any one claim policy is generally considered the more comprehensive option, the basis of cover varies from insurer to insurer depending on your business activity.

‘Run off’ cover

Run off cover insures against claims of professional negligence brought against you after your business has ceased trading. For example, if you have sold your business or closed it down. It is particularly important for retired business owners to consider run off cover, as they would have to pay for the defence of the claim out of their own pocket.

Compare cheap professional indemnity insurance and cashback

By comparing different policies and insurance companies, Quidco can provide access to cheap professional indemnity insurance quotes. Work out the type of cover you need, then use the comparison tool to get instant quotes and find the ideal professional indemnity insurance, what’s more, receive up to £28 cashback on your savings! 

FAQs for professional indemnity insurance

What is professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance is a commercial policy designed to protect business owners, freelancers and the self-employed if clients claim a service is inadequate. Any company or person who provides a professional service or gives advice could be sued if the client is unhappy with their work.

Do I need professional indemnity insurance?

First of all check whether your regulator or professional body requires you to hold a policy. If you work in accountancy, architecture or chartered surveying, it’s likely that you’re obliged to have professional indemnity insurance.

Even if this isn’t the case, it’s quite likely that you will still decide that your business needs professional indemnity cover, both to reassure potential clients and for your own security.

How much does it cost for professional indemnity insurance?

The average cost of professional indemnity insurance in the UK ranges from as little as £45 up to £1,500 a year or even tens of thousands of pounds a year, depending on your line of work. The price depends on the size of the business, the larger the business the higher the rate.

What level of professional indemnity cover should I choose?

Often a client may set the minimum limit of the indemnity they require you to have. Or if you are regulated by your professional association, institution or an affinity group, they will probably give you guidance on the level of cover you should buy.

Do I need professional indemnity cover if I work from home?

Even if you are working from home, you need professional indemnity insurance if you provide advice, services or designs which clients depend on, for example accountants, medical professionals, financial advisors, architects and property surveyors.

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