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public liability insurance
public liability insurance

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Why get a public liability insurance quote here?

Looking to protect your business? When you compare public liability insurance policies at Quidco Compare, you can choose from a range of quotes and receive cashback when you switch.

What is public liability insurance?

If a claim is filed against you, for example, if anything happens at work that causes injury to a client, a member of the public, or damage to someone's property, public liability insurance will help protect your business.

Meaning, if you do something that causes injury to a member of the public or damage to their property, it will safeguard your business from damage and the cost of legal claims made against you.

Do I need public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance is not required. In fact, the only mandatory protection in the UK is employers' liability insurance, which is a legal obligation for most businesses that employ people. If you work in the public sector, or provide a service to members of the public, then it is highly recommended you should get public liability insurance.

This will help you protect yourself financially should anything unforeseen and unfortunate happen to a customer or client when on your business premises. 

Professions that should seriously consider protecting themselves with public liability insurance include:

  • Builders
  • Hairdressers
  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Event organisers
  • Licensed traders

How much does public liability insurance cost?

The average yearly public liability insurance premium in the UK is £119.37. However, some small enterprises and sole proprietors will pay less, sometimes as little as £40 a year.

When putting together a quote for your business, there are a few factors to keep in mind so that you’re not overpaying for the type of cover you require: 

  1. Only pay for the cover you need: If you’re a small business with not much overhead, it is unlikely that you need a large quote for public liability insurance. 
  2. Be as transparent as possible: It is important that you declare each detail about your business with your insurance provider. If you miss something off in the time that you need to claim, you could face having it rejected. 
  3. Compare quotes at Quidco: With the comparison tool, you can compare from a range of providers and what’s more, you could receive cashback on top of your savings.

Different levels of cover

Public Liability

Cover the expense of claims filed by members of the public for accidents that occur in the course of your business operations.

Employers’ Liability

If you have employees, this is required by law. It covers the cost of compensating employees who are injured or fall ill on the job.

Property Owner’s Liability

Landlords are protected in the event that a person is injured or their property is damaged as a consequence of your negligence.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Covers clients' compensation payments for loss or damage caused by a business's or an individual's services or advice.

Business equipment

If you rely on laptops or phones, then repairing or replacing them can become costly, this covers your if they’re accidentally damaged or stolen.

Contract works

This covers you for accidental or malicious damage on construction projects, helping you to recover costs and start working again.

Personal accident: capital benefits

Some insurers will pay out a lump sum of around £2000 if you or a key partner under the age of 75 are involved in an accident that results in death, permanent disability, loss of limb or sight.

Personal accident: weekly benefits

Weekly benefits for a key partner (under the age of 75) who’s temporarily injured and unable to work, paid for up to 104 weeks.

What is included?

When shopping around for a new public liability insurance policy for your business, it is important to make sure that not only do you have the right level of cover for your business, but also, that your policy includes the following as standard: 

Compensation claims

For third-party injuries or property damage, whether they occur on your premises, theirs, or someplace else.

Legal expenses

In the event that a claim is made against you, coverage should be offered to assist with the expense of any legal procedures.

Cost of repairs

This covers the cost of repairing damage – for example, if you’re a builder and your work causes damage. 

Medical fees

If the NHS decides to file a claim against you, this covers the cost of hospitalisation and an ambulance callout.

Additional cover

Employers' liability insurance

This may be a legal obligation even if you only have one employee. It will cover your liability if your employees are hurt on the job or become unwell as a result of their work.

Professional indemnity insurance

This protects you and covers your legal fees if clients think you’ve made a mistake, or given them bad advice that’s caused a financial loss.

Tools, plant and equipment

For the tradesman, this covers accidental loss, theft or damage to your own plant, tools and equipment. 

Hired-in plant equipment

This is important to have if you regularly use hired equipment, and covers you in case it’s accidentally damaged or destroyed in your care.

What information do you need for a quote?

As well as a few personal details about yourself (your name, date of birth, contact telephone number), you will need information about your business too. (company/trading name, trading address) To compare quotes you'll need the following information:

  • Details of your turnover
  • Details of employee wageroll
  • Details of any previous claims
  • Your renewal documents from your current insurer

Public Liability Insurance FAQs

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance is a sort of insurance that is available to businesses of all sizes and in a range of industries. It protects you if a customer or member of the public claims they have been injured or their property has been damaged as a result of your business activity.

Do I need public liability insurance?

Although public liability insurance is not required by law, many clients will demand it before allowing you to begin work. Some trade organisations will not let you join unless you have a valid liability cover.

How much does it cost for public liability insurance?

The average yearly public liability insurance premium in the UK is £119.37. However, some small enterprises and sole proprietors will pay less, sometimes as little as £40 a year. By comparing quotes at Quidco, you can choose from a range of reputable providers and receive cashback on your savings, too!

How can I compare public liability insurance deals?

Using a comparison tool such as Quidco, allows you to see a range of insurance providers to find the most suited public liability insurance policy for your business. Make sure you have the required information about yourself and your business handy when comparing quotes. 

Why is it important to have public liability?

For many firms, public liability insurance is essential. It can shield you from accusations brought by clients or the general public. It's extremely vital for your consumers to understand that you and they are both covered by company insurance in the event that something goes wrong.

Do I need public liability insurance if I work from home?

If people come to your house for business, you'll require public liability insurance. Accidents can occur even if they simply visit your premises briefly. If a member of the public sues you for serious injury or property damage, public liability insurance will compensate you and cover your legal bills. Check out our guide to working from home insurance to find out more.

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