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Black box car insurance
Black box car insurance

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Why get a black box car insurance quote with us?

Getting a good deal on your car insurance can be tough. Especially if you're a young driver or in a higher risk category. That's why it pays to compare. With us, not only will you get a good deal, but we'll give you cashback too.

Telematics / Black box insurance

If you’re looking for a way to get cheaper car insurance, it’s worth considering a telematic-based car insurance quote. Telematics works by recording and then feeding back information about your driving to an insurance provider. It can alsoresult in lower premiums. 

Although telematics or black box insurance policies are often marketed towards younger drivers between 17-24 due to their generally high premiums, telematics could benefit drivers of all ages. 

What is telematics insurance?

Simply put, black box or telematics insurance uses technology to monitor your driving. It works by sending information about your driving to your insurance provider, allowing them to calculate your risk more accurately. 

Telematics usually comes in the form of a small box installed into your car. However, some insurance providers will ask you to download a smartphone application instead. The latter uses GPS from your phone to track your speed and other details. Some telematics policies will require a device to be plugged into your car before you set off for a journey. 

Telematics policies can sometimes work like a mobile phone pay-as-you-go contract; drivers can top-up their policy for the miles they cover.


Our expert says:

‘If you’re frustrated by conventional insurance quotes, a telematics policy could be what you’re looking for. A black box puts more emphasis on your driving skill and car usage, and less on your age group and other fixed factors. Telematics insurance can let you directly affect your own premiums’ 

Curtis Moldrich - automotive journalist 


Who is telematics insurance for?

Anyone, though it tends to be more attractive for those with higher conventional insurance quotes. Those between 17-24 may find a telematics-based insurance policy attractive, as will those with a history of driving offenses. 

Is this type of insurance cheaper?

Telematics-based policies aren’t automatically cheaper than more conventional insurance policies, but they have the scope to be, depending on how you drive. Factors such as speed, acceleration and mileage are all taken into account, as well as the times of day you drive. For example, those who travel during rush hour may find their black box insurance policy to be more expensive.  

Tracking technology means insurance providers can also add things such as mileage limits and driving curfews to policies, but sticking to them will result in further savings. 

Always read the conditions and small print of your telematics policy, and check with your insurance provider to see how they calculate your overall driver rating. 

How to make telematics cheaper

Reduce your miles

Decreasing your mileage will help bring costs down, as the fewer miles you drive, the less insurers will view your car as being at risk. Black box policies can easily measure how many miles you do and will be able to reward you for staying within your limits.

Change the times you drive

Telematics-based policies will often calculate risk on the times you drive. For example, making journeys at night or in rush hour tends to be riskier. Therefore, some black box policies will reward you for sticking to a curfew.

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