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Electric car insurance illustration
Electric car insurance illustration

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Electric car insurance

Electric cars are becoming an increasingly popular site on UK roads, and for good reason. They exist in every iteration, from big 4x4s to sports cars to small family cars. Thanks to advancements in battery tech, range is now less of a factor for prospective electric vehicle owners than before. Plus, the electric car charging infrastructure is improving all the time.

Factor in lower running costs, as well as tax breaks, and it’s easy to see why more and more motorists are choosing electric power over diesel or petrol.

Electric cars require insurance just like any other conventional car, but there are a few key differences when it comes to insuring an electric car over a petrol or diesel vehicle. 

Do you need specialist electric car insurance?

No, as most popular insurance companies will insure an electric car without any problems. However, if you’re looking for something a little more bespoke, it’s worth considering specialist electric vehicle insurance from a smaller insurer.

How much does electric car insurance cost?

Insuring an electric car tends to be more expensive than covering a petrol or diesel vehicle. The newer technology in electric vehicles will often require rarer specialist parts, as well as specialist servicing. It all means insurers will generally put electric cars in a higher insurance group.

However, as these types of cars become more popular, the increased availability of parts and servicing facilities will drive costs and premiums down. 

What details do I need to get an insurance quote on my electric car?

Car Details

We'll need details of your vehicle, including your number plate, if you have it.

Driving Licence & Convictions

Details of your driving licence plus any convictions are essential to give you an accurate quote.

Previous Claims or Accidents

We'll need the details of any motor insurance claims or accidents for your quote.

No Claims Discount

Let us know if you have built up a no claims discount, and if so, how much. You'll need to provide proof once you accept a quote.

Named Driver Information

If any children or partners will also use your vehicle on this policy, we'll need their details.


Our expert says

‘Electric cars may be more expensive to begin with, but lower running-costs and tax breaks make them cheaper in the long run. You tend to pay more on the insurance side, but as electric vehicles get more popular, the cost of covering them will go down.’

Curtis Moldrich - automotive journalist 


What type of electric car insurance can I get?

Although electric cars are very different under the surface, the three main types of insurance for electric vehicles are identical to those for petrol and diesel cars.


This the most basic level of insurance and the minimum legal requirement. Simply put, it’s able to cover any damage you do to a third-party’s person, vehicle or property but it won’t cover anything on your own car.

Third-party fire and theft 

In addition to the above, third-party fire and theft adds cover for any damage done to your own car if it’s stolen or damaged due to theft, as well as fire.

Fully comprehensive 

Comprehensive car insurance covers everything above, but also insures any damage done to your car in an accident that’s been determined to be your fault. 

What additional features should I consider when choosing insurance for my electric car?

Cover the battery

Electric cars often cost more than their petrol and diesel counterparts, and most of the cost comes from the battery itself. Electric car insurance policies should offer for any damage done to the battery as well as the car. Many electric vehicle makers also allow owners to lease the battery rather than buy it outright. Make sure the policy you choose covers a leased or bought battery.

The cables

Although most electric car chargers have their own cables, your car will also feature a portable set of its own. Very often, these are expensive to replace, so make sure they’re covered in the policy you choose.


Charging your electric car will require a cable to be connected for extended periods of time. Check your insurance policy covers the possibility of third parties tripping over it.

How can I get cheaper electric car cover?

Voluntary excess 

It’s possible to cut costs by increasing your voluntary excess and agreeing to pay more before the insurance company pays the rest. Remember that you may have to pay this one day, so be realistic and make it affordable.

Reduce the miles

Reducing your mileage will also bring costs down, as the fewer miles you drive, the less insurers will view your car as a risk.  

Increase the security

Make sure your car uses a modern immobiliser or tracking device. Securing your car in your garage overnight may also help push your premiums down.

Black Box

By having a black box/telematics system either fitted to your car, or installed as an app on your phone, you can get a better deal with some insurers.

Compare and get cashback

By comparing insurance policies using Quidco Compare, you could save money and earn £35 cashback.

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